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Make Science Fun with Dissect-It Frog Lab


With the start of school being just around the corner- that means only one thing… back to school shopping’s in full swing! Whether you’re on the hunt for a new wardrobe or for more colorful pens to add to your collection, there is ALWAYS room for more!


The Dissect-It Frog Lab from Top Secret Toys is the best addition to your back-to-school shopping list!


The synthetic frog dissection kit provides a practical take on frog dissection without all the mess of a real frog. This advanced frog lab is made from a gelatin-like material that is safe for children and super easy to maneuver.


Science made fun!


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The NEW Dissect-It Frog Lab


·      This scientific set includes one frog complete with skeletal structure and a full set of organs, perfect for a hands-on learning experience. 

·      As well as plastic tools to aid in the dissection and two refill gel kits to continue the dissection fun for days to come! Kids can learn everything there is to know about a real life frog every step of the way.


Dissect-It Frog Lab


Dissect-It Frog Lab is a synthetic frog dissection kit that provides users the experience of frog dissection without the use of a real frog!


• Made out of gelatin-like material that is safe for children, theDissect-It Frog gives the realistic experience of a frog dissection without the use of a real frog! 
• This scientific set includes one frog complete with skeletal structure and full set of organs ready for dissection, instructions, a dissection table plastic tools needed for dissecting the frog and two refill gel kits for more dissecting fun! 
• Kids can learn about and study everything inside a frog as they follow the simple instructions! They’ll learn about the anatomy of a frog and the function of each organ through each step. 
• This set is a perfect, odorless alternative to dissecting a real frog. The biodegradable gelatin material gives the frog form, but is easy to cut through with the safe, surgical-like instruments provided. 
• Top Secret Toys is proud to offer educational and STEM toys that bring both comprehensive learning and fun to kids and families. Dissect-It Frog Lab, along with other Dissect-It animal kits, is perfect for fun at-home learning but can easily be used in a classroom setting as well.  includes a Piranha, a Salamander, a Bat, and deluxe versions of the Frog which come with veins and arteries.

Ages: 6+ | MSRP: $14.99Available Now on Amazon



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