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Small Fashion and Personal Care Businesses You Can Support


According to the Small Business Administration, since 1990, big businesses eliminated 4 million jobs, while small businesses added 8 million jobs. Supporting independent retailers is not only great for the economy, it’s also great for YOU! 

From must-haves personal care products to trendy fashion finds, these small businesses put quality first! Celebrate #indiebusinessmonth by supporting the amazing brands below! 


These Days 

Price: Varies $10.00-$143.00

These Days has your getaway collection for a summer of on-trend fashions and warm-weather fun. For that trip to Hawaii, European excursion, weekend getaway, or staycation, you’ll look gorgeous wearing a label from this online clothing boutique filled with many options for your varied excursions.  Summer is a great time to curate your wardrobe to be on trend with These Days. The stylish NYC-based brand is here to ensure that every selection is perfect for your outing, keeping the Gen Z and millennial crowd fashion-forward and looking sassy from head to toe. Leave it to These Days to spot the trends and deliver them to your doorstep. You’ll know what’s in for summer 2022 because you’ll be wearing it!

Sons of Hollis

Price: $25.00-$65.00

Sons of Hollis has developed a loyal customer base by specializing in 100% natural beard oil and beard care products for Black men, made with sustainably-sourced and eco-safe ingredients. For those new to the brand, prepare for the best beard of your life! It’s a story of looking and feeling good. The brand’s philosophy is to bring out the best in its customers by celebrating Black curly, kinky, wavy, and coarse hair without ingredients that alter their genetic hair pattern or the skin’s melanin. They use lighter, higher-quality oils and gentle eco-safe ingredients that promote anti-pore clogging, allowing the skin to breathe and grow healthy hair follicles. What began as a passion project has resulted in Sons of Hollis giving back to its local community, never forgetting where they came from and the legacy they leave behind. The brand donates 5% of profits to organizations mentoring young men in inner-city neighborhoods.

Review: These products are very nourishing and I like that they have a mild citrus scent. My husband uses a little each day on his beard to keep it looking well nourished and maintained.


Urban Hydration

Price: Varies

Available on Amazon HERE

Beauty and philanthropy go hand-in-hand with this certified women-owned and black-owned brand. This feel-good brand provides the right natural ingredients that purposely make taking care of our skin and hair effortless, affordable, and enjoyable. Adding to this is the knowledge that at the heart of the brand is philanthropy.  With a notable mission to save the planet through clean beauty, with every product sold, Urban Hydration donates a gallon of water to transform communities around the world. This alone is having consumers raving about the products and wanting to be a part of giving back to an important cause.

Sun Patch

Available on Amazon HERE

Price: $26.00-$49.00

Sun Patch is the only peel-and-stick UPF+ silicone sunblock on the market (UPF measures the amount of radiation that can penetrate fabric to reach your skin). Think of it as an accessory to your sunscreen. The patches feel like a second skin and have a California vibe that’s irresistible. They look like cool neon stickers in bright colors, with neutral options coming soon. Founder Gena was a mom looking for a solution to applying and reapplying suncare products on her kids, eliminating the fuss and mess. She also wanted protection and anti-aging benefits for herself too. The more she talked with other moms, the more she realized she had the perfect background to launch a sunblock brand. Hence, Sun Patch was born.


Price: $57.80 

​​With an antioxidant-rich formula and sun protection, this everyday lotion helps protect your skin against environmental damage and stressors. Lightweight and creamy with a mild fruit scent, it absorbs quickly, leaves no white residue, and provides the ideal base under makeup. Creating a home spa is a must to help ease our daily stresses and take care of our bodies. Spa Technologies delivers essential items made of seaweed to revitalize the body, mind, and soul. The brand has inspired an industry trend and has been a trusted source for over 30 years.

Kubra Kay Skincare - Radiating Body Oil 

Price: $34.99

This lightweight, fast-absorbing, yet deeply hydrating body oil will be your favorite skincare purchase this spring. This body oil is a decadent combination of juicy blackberry buds and rich vanilla, which work seamlessly together to create a warm, playful scent that you can wear year-round. Made from Organic coconut oil, organic sweet almond oil, avocado oil, vitamin e oil, and fragrance oil, it’s great for repairing the skin barrier. nourishing dry, overworked skin and locking in long-lasting moisture. This radiant body oil absorbs in seconds, leaving skin dry to the touch but nourished and hydrated.

Glass Gloss Vegan Lip Beauty 

Price: $12.00

GLASS GLOSS Vegan Lip Beauty is vegan and certified as cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Program, a program that sets the standard for companies to actually be free of animal testing of all kinds. Each product is made with superior quality and to solve today's lip beauty problems, so you know you’re getting an amazing lip gloss, lipstick, and or lip treatment you can trust. 

The beauty that we all radiate is exactly what GLASS GLOSS Vegan Lip Beauty supports. They understand that there isn’t one way to be or feel beautiful, and diversity and individuality is what makes us all gorgeous. They pride themselves on supporting all women on their journey of beauty and self-confidence. 


Skin Essentials Co. 

Price: Varies 

Ask medical aesthetician Beth Pestotnik what skin needs to thrive at each stage of life and she’ll tell you to keep it simple. That’s what she’s created with her non-toxic brand of must-have products. The Essentials is Beth’s answer to minimizing the appearance of aging, acne, and other ailments, resulting in smoother-looking skin. Having spent 23 years as an esthetician has given her an insider’s knowledge of what works best for different skin types.You’ll find no harmful ingredients, synthetic fragrances, parabens, or sulfates in the dermatologist-tested offerings. The clinical ingredients provide antioxidant protection, address the signs of aging, and neutralize free radicals.


OSD Beauty

Price: $6.00 - $24.00

Get ready for more sunny days and all your beach trips with the luxurious body scrubs from OSD Beauty! Created with simple self-care in mind by the founders of Icon Swim, OSD Beauty empowers you to feel good in every way. By giving you the tools to pamper yourself and give your body gentle and loving attention, you’ll start to feel good inside and out. “OSD” stands for “Only Skin Deep” and is the core of what this beauty brand is all about. OSD encourages all women to also believe in an all-encompassing beauty and not just a superficial or subjective one. By taking care of your outer beauty in a way that feels good, you’ll also be giving care to your emotional and mental health too

Taylor Jay Collection 

Price: Varies

Taylor Jay designs with every woman in mind, knowing a woman’s journey is by nature a multifaceted one. Taylor Jay designs with the idea of elevated comfort, a concept of fashion that offers a higher level of comfort and reliability. Fashion that can effortlessly transform and adapt to every woman’s needs, challenges, style, and desires. A single Taylor Jay piece can be combined into multiple outfits and customers keep finding new ways to wear their clothing. They study and design unique features that are easy to convert for any use and style: business formal, casual, fitness, elegant, sexy, bohemian… possibilities are endless. Their fabrics are made of luxurious, heavy duty, smart materials that adjust to a woman’s body as if… taylor’d to her figure. It’s no wonder customers keep coming back for more! 

Cedar and Cypress - One Little Bead Bracelet

Price: Varies

Jewelry is a fun and simple way to elevate your wardrobe and honor your love of beauty. Why not add to your collection with the elegant and chic pieces from Cedar & Cypress Designs. During her time in Haiti, founder Tara Thorn was inspired by the beauty of Haiti. She felt motivated to start a business that introduced the world to the beauty Haiti has to offer. Working in partnership with local Haitian artisans, Cedar & Cypress employs artisans working in a variety of culturally relevant medians. Ethically sourced cow horn and bone is one of the main elements used, as well as mahogany wood, recycled aluminum and Haitian clay. Cedar & Cypress encourages consumers to ‘Purchase with a Purpose’. Not only in selecting jewelry that reflects your tastes and spirit, but in supporting small businesses, artisans and their families.