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Spirograph 3D Has Your Drawings Appear to From The Page


Few toys from our childhood are SO nostalgic that no matter your age they never get old. We know you remember Spirograph, HOURS were spent making the most colorful and intricate designs, and now, Spirograph racing to the future with Spirograph 3D!

How exciting is this. Two of my favorite things as a child were my Spirograph and anything 3D. I was always so obsessed with 3D movies and books. Now Spirograph has found a way to incorporate the two with this fun new set!  This set comes with everything you need to create fun, 3D designs. I had so much fun reliving my childhood, creating fun designs with the enclosed 3D glasses on. Kids and adults will love creating fun 3D designs!

Combining the time-tested creativity with 3D fun, Spirograph 3D allows young artists to create amazing art that pops right off the paper! Make endless dimensional designs that will dazzle your eyes! 

Ready to inspire and entertain the next generation, Spirograph will always be there for creative minds everywhere. 

Available from Playmonster