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The Best Shorts and Sweatshirts Combinations for Women


We are in the most magical time of the year, also called hoodies and shorts season. The timeless outfit is an excellent idea for these transitional months. While looking for cute yet practical ideas for the transitional period, the best solution is the shorts and classic sweatshirt combo. During 60-degree days and into the 70s, this combination is warm enough to stop us from shivering and cool enough to keep us from sweating. Here are several ways of wearing this timeless transitional outfit. 


A Set Will Ease Things 

With a coordinating set from wholesale women's sweatshirts, you can always go the Gigi Hadid way. The model was put on the camel set option back in march 2022 and completed with a beanie for extra flair. 

Break Out the Cutoffs

Bermuda-length bottoms or a DIY pair of old jeans are great between temperatures as they offer more coverage. However, the choice depends on you. Additionally, you can switch your sweatshirt with a long-sleeved tee or knit sweater. Both work perfectly with these bottoms. 


Channel Princess Diana

In the 90s, the royal always relied on this combo, styling bike shorts with graphic sweatshirts, sneakers, and bulky socks. This similar outfit has become popular again, and you will likely have the same pieces in your closet. Otherwise, check wholesale hoodies for a stylish combination that will leave you feeling confident. 



Add Layer

Some days are colder compared to others, sweatshirt and shorts alone may not cut it. Consider throwing on an extra light layer like a leather blazer in this case. This is not only practical, but it will add more interest to the look. 

Play Around with Accessories 

Although you don't have to incorporate this grab-and-go outfit style, it won't hurt to add stylish pieces from wholesale hoodies and make them unique. In addition, to the sweatshirt and short combo, carry a fun bag, throw on a vest, pile on rings and necklaces or show off your socks. The solid sweatshirt and shorts will create a perfect base, giving you the option to go ahead and be creative with more details.

Experiment With Shoe Option

Boots will give this outfit a bolder, fashion-forward option, while sneakers will turn it into athleisure. Sandals can keep things breezy and comfortable as the temperature increase allowing you to match into summer month with a sweatshirt and shorts combo. 

Add A Blazer to Elevate the Look

If you are afraid that sweatshirt and shorts combination feels quite casual or they are missing something, always add a blazer. The unique, structured layer can pull almost any outfit together and make it look and feel more polished and stylish. 


By combining shorts and sweatshirts options, you can unlock a new plane of stylishness. Pulling off a short in numerous ways, you can opt to work out in them with a cropped sweatshirt. Also, you can easily dress the casual bottom with your favorite jewelry or add statement slides or socks. You can even throw a blazer and some pearls to elevate your style.