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The CMY Cube is a Fascinating and Addictive Toy for the Holidays


The holidays are a fun time for family and friends. This year, add the CMY Cube to your list of must-have toys. 

This fascinating and interactive cube appears to create an ever-changing spectrum of colour, providing you with endless enjoyment. Each face of the translucent cube is coated in electromagnetically subtractive materials which at first, appear as cyan, magenta, or yellow. With a twist and turn of the geometry, these seemingly primary colours magically transform into an array of colours. The CMY Cubes are sure to fascinate and addict both children and adults alike.

I was sent a few different CMY Cubes in different shapes to try out and found them to be so fascinating.  I’ve always been interested in prisms and the colors and patterns they create as they are turned and spun. They truly are beautiful.  I also received a stand for my CMY Cubes so I can place them near a window or on a desk or shelf to admire.  Check out some of the images below to see the patterns I enjoyed. I can see why they help to improve attention spans, since they are so enjoyable to play with and look at.  They are truly a work of art.

Have you seen the latest viral sensation? [] It's called CMY Cubes and it's a brilliantly colourful sensory toy that is taking the world by storm. These mesmerising cubes are made from high-quality materials and feature a unique design that is sure to captivate both children and adults alike. Thanks to their stunning visuals and endless possibilities for play, CMY Cubes are quickly becoming a must-have for anyone looking for a truly unique experience.
But that's not all! They're also a unique, non-disruptive sensory tool that uses the power of colour therapy to help regulate moods and anxious feelings!

“By providing a different sensory input during other activities, fidget toys can assist neurodivergent learners to calm down when they’re overwhelmed,” explained Julie Sheard, an intervention therapist. “The CMY Cube can encourage children with autism to de-stress, increase concentration, and listen more effectively in class as they focus on the visual aspects of the changing colors.”


They’ve also been shown to:
  • Improve attention span
  • Lower anxiety and improve Focus
  • Make transitions from one environment to the next smoother
  • Provide color therapy at your fingertips to help infuse positive light and energy.
  • Grow the skill of joint attention
  • Spark creativity
  • Teach colors mixing, light refraction, angles, and geometry
  • Strengthen muscles in the fingers and fine tune fine motor skills
Interesting Facts About CMY Cubes:
  • Each face is coated in electromagnetically subtractive materials that appear as cyan, magenta, or yellow
  • As you twist and turn it creates all-new colour combinations
  • Use it to teach colour mixing, light refraction, angles and geometry, and more!
  • Available in a myriad of shapes to suit your taste
If you’re looking for a new and unique toy for you or for a winning Christmas present, CMY Cubes are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes to match your needs.

Starting at $19.95 - To learn more visit