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Check Out These Hot Products from IMC Toys

The holidays are quickly approaching, so I want to be sure to keep you updated on some of the hot toys you’ll want to get your hands on from IMC Toys.

Kitoons BFF

Some of the cry babies are all grown up now! They are 13 and ready to take on High School! Check out this adorable line of fashion forward dolls.  Collect all 6!

Each doll comes with her own mystery fashion outfits and accessories. 

I received Katie, the most eco conscious BFF of all.  She loves to teach her friends about nature.  She is super shy around new people and loves to garden.

Learn more about Katie and your other favorite BFF dolls by visiting

Available at Amazon, Walmart and Target

Cry Babies Magic Tears Icy World

Season 5 of the cry babies is here, featuring our adorable favorites.  Check out the series by visiting

Available at Amazon, Walmart and Target 

Discover the whole new world of Cry Babies Magic Tears Icy World with Dinos Series! Open your icy igloo capsule by pushing down the crystal ice and unbox all 10 accessories, including: a baby bottle, a pacifier, a bonfire, a pair of shoes, a pair of skates, a piece of clothing, two unique accessories and a sticker sheet. Discover your mystery character and hatch your dino pet! Feed your magic tears doll from their baby bottle and use their tears over the egg. Watch the egg open and reveal you matching dinosaur pet! There are 8+ characters to collect, each one is a different dinosaur and they all come with their own matching pet! Discover the whole Cry Babies Magic Tears Icy World with our Cry Babies Magic Tears Icy World Keep Me Warm Series, Cry Babies Magic Tears Icy World Elodie's Castle and Cry Babies Kiss Me Elodie. Age recommended 3 years old and up for girls and boys who enjoy imaginative pretend play! Makes a perfect gift for any special occasion - birthdays, the holidays or any celebration!

Features & details 

  • DISCOVER: 10+ surprises and accessories! Includes: a baby bottle, a pacifier, a bonfire, a pair of shoes, a pair of skates, a piece of clothing, two unique accessories and a sticker sheet
  • COLLECT: There are 8+ dolls to collect! Plus their matching dinosaur pet!
  • REVEAL: Use your Magic Tears character's tears on the egg and watch it hatch! Reveal your matching dino pet!
  • THEY CRY REAL TEARS! Feed them their baby bottle and give their belly a squeeze to watch them cry!
  • Discover the Cry Babies Magic Tears animated series on YouTube and Netflix!

I ❤️ VIP Pets Cats

I was so excited when I saw the new VIP Pets Cats Edition.  I’m a huge cat person and these adorable and lovable cats are ready to be pampered. They are so pretty and colorful, and come with their own little salon and accessories.

Available at Amazon, Walmart and Target.

VIP Pets are adding a new pet into the mix! Meet the VIP Pets Cats, they just arrived to Glam City! They're a collection of 3 fashionable neon cats with super long hair! Elektra's pink hair and yellow accented hair and face designs glow in the dark! She comes in a new shampoo pack that looks like a cat and includes a UV flashlight! Press the button on the vessel and you will have a glowy reveal of your character! She includes 10 different surprises to unbox and 8 exclusive accessories to create a neon hairstyle! Her glowy accessories are pink and yellow to match her hair! The vessel is also a playset with an included salon chair to make styling even easier! Recommended for girls and boys 3+ to have fun brushing and styling hair. Kids can recreate their favorite scenes from the series or create their own adventures! VIP Pets are great for creative expression and pretend play with siblings and friends!

Features & details 

  • UNBOX: Press the button on the front to reveal a UV light and discover your VIP Pets Cat character!
  • STYLE: Each doll comes with 12 inches of long hair to style! included accessories kids can get creative and create their own unique hairstyles. Elektra's pink and yellow hair glow and has matching accessories!
  • COLLECT: 3 dolls to discover and style with the included accessories!
  • FUN REVEAL: Use the included UV light to reveal fun neon glowing hair and face designs!
  • Kids will have fun unboxing so many surprises and creating new hairstyles! Discover the VIP Pets animated series on YouTube. Recommended age 3+ years.

Check out my Instagram post from Sweet Suite in NYC this summer, featuring IMC Toys.  Scan the QR code with your phones camera and click the link, or visit