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Corn Recipes & Hacks You Need to Try Out


In honor of the viral internet sensation known as “corn kid,” I wanted to share a few great corn hacks that every corn-lover must know. These hacks are from TheSoul Publishing– the award-winning publishing co. behind the top–five YouTube channel, 5-Minute Crafts, (76M+ subscribers and 140M+ social followers). 


  • Perfectly Buttered Corn: If you’re someone who loves buttery corn, this trick is for you. Using a glass and a stick of butter, simply use the glass to carve out a rounded edge into the butter stick. Next, spin your corn on the cob along the edge of the carved out side, ensuring that butter is evenly distributed on the entire piece of corn. Once done, you will have a perfectly buttered piece of corn! 

  • DIY Caramel Popcorn: To put a sweet twist on a traditionally salty snack, try this DIY caramel corn recipe! Melt a cup of caramel candies in a pan with butter until they are a smooth consistency. Next, add in popcorn kernels and cover with a lid, allowing the kernels to pop. Once all of the kernels have popped, remove the popcorn and place into a bowl to dry and cool down. After cooling down, enjoy! 

  • Fried Corn: After cooking a piece of corn, use toothpicks to peel off even lines of kernels. Once you have removed the kernels and placed them onto the toothpicks, drop them into frying oil to cook. Once they’re done, remove and let cool. Plate, add your favorite dipping sauce, and enjoy! 


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