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Give Kids the Gift of Reading this Holiday with Osmo


The gift of reading is a gift that will carry children throughout their lives. Getting a jump start on reading is always a good way to keep children prepared for school. I started my son at a very young age and he was pretty advanced by the time he started. This gave him confidence.

Osmo has a wonderful way to make reading fun. Their Reading Adventure is a great way to guide children along the way to better reading skills.

You can find the Osmo Reading Adventure on The Toy Insider STEM 10 !!

Learn More:

Reading Adventure is a personalized reading program where kids build their skills and confidence through interactive games. Developed with educators, the program uses physical and digital play along with speech recognition & AI technology to cover critical reading skills from K through 1st grade (ages 5-7). Kids team up with main characters Oliver and Nebula as they go on a magical reading journey. Oliver, a young talking dog, is enthusiastic, optimistic and still learning how to read. Nebula, the leader of the Dream Catchers, knows everything there is to know about language and reading, but she’ll need your child’s voice to turn that language into magic. Osmo Reading Adventure includes an app (currently available on iOS; will be available for Fire soon), physical books, and an interactive crystal wand. The program also includes skill building games and activities focusing on phonics and sight reading, and adapts to meet the skill level of the player (or child) for a more dynamic, fun experience.  
Age range: 5 - 7 years (K - 1st)

PRICE: $25 for the wand and 4 books (Osmo base + reflector sold separately); ongoing monthly subscription featuring 4 books is $25 per month (subscription can be canceled at anytime).