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Keep Your Holiday Clothes Clean with NEATsheets


The holiday season is upon us and if you’re like me, you like to dress up and look your best.  We all know that holiday meals can be a bit messy.  Grandma’s famous Gravy, cranberry sauce, cherry pie, and let’s not forget the wine, can all leave permanent stains on our clothing.

NEATsheets can help save your outfit and keep you looking your best.  Each package comes with 20, 100 or 400 disposable sheets that are 13 x 22 inches in size.  They are simple to use, and can easily adhere to your shirt and lap. The sheets have 2 adhesive tabs to help keep them in place while you indulge.  NEATsheets have a liquid absorbent front and liquid repellent back.  I keep one in my purse wherever I go.

New moms may like to keep a few NEATsheets in their diaper bag for travel! You never know when an emergency changing is needed.

Here are more tips for using NEATsheets:

  • While drinking coffee or tea in the car
  • At Picnics
  • When carpooling or traveling with the kids
  • While eating lunch at your work desk
  • When eating messy foods like ribs, lobster 
  • While traveling on planes,  trains and boats

Some adults and children may have disabilities or age related issues which would benefit from NEATsheets.  

Also available are NEATwipes

For more information and to purchase, visit, Amazon (Affiliate link) and