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Make Your Halloween Parties More Exciting with this Escape Room Kit


Host a more exciting Halloween party this year with a printable escape room kit

Looking to throw a Halloween party that’ll bring your friends and family together? Then I think this fun idea might be just up your alley. It’s a printable escape room kit, which lets you play through an escape room experience right at home.

How does it work? Well it’s simple really. All you need to do is print out the puzzle sheets, place them in fun spots around the room, and then solve them together. Solving each puzzle will progress you through the story, and unlock a small portion of the final answer. In essence, it’s just like a ‘real’ escape room… but at home!

This kind of interactive game experience is one that stands out from the crowd of ‘so-so’ party games out there. People get excited and quickly bond over fresh new experiences. Not to mention, it’s the unique Halloween parties that people will remember. This ‘outside-of-the-box’ experience is just what you need to make your Halloween party the smash-hit you’ve always dreamt of.

As an interactive puzzle game, escape rooms get everyone involved from the get-go. There’s just something about racing against the clock to overcome ‘impossible’ challenges that moves even the most apathetic party guest to actually enjoy themselves. I guess it also helps that you’re thrust into the game as part of a team. You have a group that’s actively encouraging you to keep trying, covering for your weaknesses, and appreciating the strengths you bring to the table. This is part of what makes escape rooms such a genuinely bonding experience - win or lose, you’re in this together!

And yes, it will work flawlessly for your party too. While I’m sure you could spend hundreds of hours designing the perfect at-home escape room experience for your guests, these escape room kits take care of all the heavy-lifting for you. They’re designed as self-contained party packs, complete with a thrilling escape room experience, party posters, fun printable props, and even themed party invitations. So basically, the kits are made to handle as much of the hard work as possible, leaving you more time to savor your success.

That’s all for this idea - a fun new party game you can set up in 20min, play alongside your guests, and clean up in 60 seconds. If you’re interested, you can browse these escape kits here. There’s a few themes here that’d work particularly well for a Halloween party, like, a mummy’s tomb, a murder mystery, and the zombie apocalypse. Enjoy!