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Tips for Staying on Budget and Saving Money


Are you like me, trying to make ends meet from month to month?

Nowadays with prices being so ridiculous for everything, I am constantly looking for ways to to save or earn more.   Inflation seems to be getting worse and it’s starting to effect my life and forcing me to cut back on the little things I enjoy doing, and I don’t like it one bit.

I’ve been trying to stay on a budget, but it’s not always easy to do. It seems like I’ve had to take  steps since inflation rose to better improve my financial picture. 

One of the ways I like to save money is by using technology to save, and looking for cheap or free ways to have fun. We have been taking rides to beautiful parks, mountains and gardens that have free admission,  and spending the day enjoying the beautiful outdoors.  

Packing a picnic lunch helps us save money and further enjoy the day.  We also look for local events that churches or schools are holding. They’re always fun and usually inexpensive. Plus we are helping our community!

There are lots of websites and apps where you can search in your area to find free things to do.  With the Fall weather here, it’s a fun time to visit local farms and maybe pick a pumpkin! Farms are usually inexpensive and so much fun!

Another way I like to save money is by using savings calculators, like the one on They make planning so simple for me.

The calculator on their site uses the US Dollar as the default currency symbol, but the calculation for figuring compound savings is the same almost everywhere, especially as their calculator allows different compounding frequencies.

They also have a feature which allows you to create a growth table of savings over time.

Their site provides a variety of calculators. I especially like the savings goal calculator.  It is teaching me how much I need to save based on current interest rates to make my vacation savings goal for next year. 

Here are a few other tips I use to stay on budget:

Shop in Bulk

Save money by buying in bulk. I love to shop at BJ’s and I even have a coupon code for you to join in time for the holidays! They have a great assortment of merchandise !

Link: Get BJ’s Wholesale Membership Deals

Cut Coupons and Look for Sales

I can’t stress this enough.  It’s better to have money in your pocket than theirs.  Some people think shopping at dollar stores is a good idea but I’ve seen some of the same products in supermarkets for cheaper prices.  Always do your homework and check sales circulars and coupon flyers and apps.  Those savings can add up quickly.

Fuel Budget

Having a fuel budget nowadays is so important.  Gas prices are the highest they’ve been ever. We travel often, and I like to keep track of the mileage of our vehicles and fuel costs.  Having an allotted amount of money for gas costs helps me stick to my budget for the month so I can try to save a little money at the end of the month. It’s important to figure how many miles you’re getting to the gallon so you can plan properly.  Be sure to calculate how much you put into your tank  divided by price per gallon.  Once you know how much it costs to fill your tank and how far it gets you, you know how much to budget weekly or monthly for your fuel costs.
Reach Your Goal
One of my main goals right now are to buy what I need and not spend frivolously. I also make it a point to save all of my loose change in a large jar.  I will not touch that jar until it is full.
What goals do you have for your family? I hope my tips for saving and advice on using a savings calculator to help plan your future are useful to you.