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1st Annual Ayotl Festival Supports Conservation Efforts and Education in Beautiful Mayto, Jalisco


 Pacific Music Company and High Point Music bring the first-ever Ayotl Festival in Mayto, Jalisco, a destination music festival born from an intention to raise money for the school children in the region & a year-round turtle conservation program.  The four-day festival takes place December 1-4, 2022, and features musical guests HIRIEThriveEthan Tucker, Ted Bowne of PassafireShanin Blake, Sammy BrueSM FamiliaMystic RootsDJ Lexy Love, and DJ Cootdog.

Proceeds from the Ayotl Music Festival will benefit the Cabo Corrientes School Foundation. The foundation is committed to providing communities with educational resources that they would not otherwise receive. Currently, many local children must walk an hour each way to attend school, which can be a huge deterrent to receiving the education they want and deserve. Proceeds from Ayotl Fest will fund the purchase of a school bus, gasoline, the hiring of a dedicated bus driver, and the continued employment of a full-time teacher to support the students in the Cabo Corrientes region.

Additionally, a portion of proceeds will also fund our year-round conservation projects dedicated to improving the survival rate of sea turtles through education and preservation of their nesting sites as human activity has had a direct negative impact on the survival of the species. The three turtle species most commonly found along the local region are the Olive Ridley, the Leatherback (both considered "vulnerable"), and the Green Turtle, considered endangered due to their decreasing populationsFestival guests can participate in the release of baby sea turtles at Campamento Tortuguero Mayto, located near the festival, to help repopulation efforts and provide guests with a first-hand educational and one-of-a-kind experience.

The Ayotl Music Festival is in the beautiful town of Mayto, a two-hour drive south of Puerto Vallarta. With beautiful sunsets and endless beaches, Mayto is one of the last unspoiled beaches on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Festival packages include accommodation for three nights at Hotel Mayto, three nights of music, pool and beach access, free WIFI, day excursions, and more. Providing an opportunity for guests to help raise money and awareness for a good cause, experience natural beauty, hear incredible music, and be present with like-minded individuals, Ayotl Festival is the ultimate destination music festival experience.

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