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Free Halloween Printables! Celebrate Halloween with Mrs Wordsmith worksheets!


Looking for fun and educational ways to get into the Halloween spirit? Look no further! Mrs Wordsmith has several fun worksheets that will make all the ghouls and goblins smile this season! 


Here’s what you need to know! 

  • Mrs Wordsmith is an award-winning literacy company that makes storytelling and word play fun through hilariously illustrated books and games and guess what… They’re on Kahoot!
  • The game-based learning platform is full of educational tools to help motivate and activate student learning. 
  • Check out the Haunted Halloween Vocabulary quiz that’s frighteningly fun!


If that’s not enough spooky entertainment, trick or treat yo’self with an eerie handout full of ghostly words for kids to learn! Please refer to the attached worksheet for you and your kids to complete and who knows, maybe you’ll learn a new word or two! 


Be sure to join the fang club and post your#MrsWHalloweenHandout excitement on your socials! All the other monsters will be doing it! 😊

You can use my link to download fun Halloween Printables for your kids!

Click to download Halloween Worksheets

Holiday Gift Ideas!

Want more Mrs Wordsmith fun? 

Mrs Wordsmith is the play-to-learn company behind award-winning, best-selling books and games – alongside literacy experts, Hollywood artists, and world-leading game designers! The brand is guided by the conviction that educational resources should be every bit as exciting and hilarious as the movies kids watch and the games kids play.

These are wonderful quality products, made with durable materials that encourage children to learn and be creative.  These are great building blocks for higher education.  They help strengthen children’s vocabulary and build story telling skills in a fun way.

Here are some great holiday gifts suggestions that make learning fun

Word Tag: With cutting-edge design, educational research, and exciting gameplay, Word Tag improves kids’ reading and writing skills, helping them to become confident and passionate readers for life! Check out Word Tag, the Word Learning app. Available on iOS and Android 


Blah Blah Blah Phonics Card Game: This hilariously fun card game helps kids learn to read! Three decks feature over 200 cards, covering 40 sound-letter correspondences. Developed with teachers and phonics experts.


Storyteller’s Word a Day: 180 outside-of-the-box words for anything life throws your way! Develops word understanding and awareness, with synonyms, word pairs, story starters and more! Research-backed and aligned to the national curriculum!


How to Write a Story: A fun, illustrated story writing guide to help children learn to write stories all by themselves. A fun, illustrated story writing guide to help children learn to write stories all by themselves, with 21 story starters.