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Gifts for Anime Lovers from Bandai

Anime lovers are going to enjoy these awesome gift ideas from our friends at Bandai. This season they have some great blind bag stocking stuffers as well as poseable figures to display and collect from Dragonball, Sainseiya and Naruto Shippuden.  They’ve also reintroduced Tamagotchi Gen1.  Learn more below.

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Anime Heroes

Saintseiya Knight of the Zodiac Virgo Shaka

With SEVEN Anime Heroes characters already available (four from Naruto and three from Saint Seiya), this fall, fans can get their hands on two more favorites from Saint Seiya and Naruto – Virgo Shaka & Itachi Uchiha!

Virgo Shaka is one of the twelve Gold Saints and is believed to be an incarnation of the gods due to his enormous Cosmo. Shaka is said to be one of the strongest Gold Saints by far in power.

Itachi Uchiha is a rogue ninja and member of the international criminal organization known as Akatsuki. He is the older brother of Sasuke and a former Leaf ninja. Itachi is a brilliant and deadly ninja.

Naruto Shippuden Hatake Kakashi

From Banda├», makers of the Dragon Stars Series, comes the Anime Heroes range of action figures! Anime Heroes are official, high-quality movable figures designed for anime's biggest fans. Each character is modelled from their TV and manga likeness, and has over 16 points of articulation. Swappable hands and accessories mean you can act out all the scenes from your favourite character as well as creating your own story. 

These figurines are highly collectible, with many characters to collect from timeless anime shows like Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Knights of the Zodiac, and more. Look out for each new statue as they become available. Each figure is 15cm, is fully poseable, and has 3 sets of swappable hands plus accessories. All costumes and faces in this official range are highly detailed and accurate. Each anime figurine arrives in beautifully-designed premium manga packaging perfect for the collector. From the much-loved series Naruto Shippuden comes Kakashi Hatake, ninja and leader of action hero Naruto's Team 7. A mentor and friend to Naruto, Kakashi is a loyal teacher and fierce warrior. With the Kakashi action figure, you too can become a ninja and fight with your team. Believe it!

Blind Bags

Naruto – Great Posing Blind Pack Figures is the perfect addition to any Naruto Shippuden fan’s collection.

This is Blind Foil Blind Pack containing one character, measuring approximately 3.5” inches tall. The characters in this collection are incredibly detailed and include a clear stand to help capture moments from the popular anime series,Naruto Shippuden. 

This series includes Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake, Itachi Uchiha, Gaara.


Fan favorite characters from the Dragon Ball Super universe are presented in this blind pack series. 

Lineup includes: Goku, Broly, Frieza, Super Saiyan Gogeta, and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Gogeta!

Each is meticulously detailed in their intense fighting stances, ready to face off in their ultimate battles.  At approximately 2.5 inches tall, these mini warriors are perfectly sized to display your collection at the office, in your home, or in almost any small space. 

Each blind foil pack contains 1 figure, with a foot stand for display.  Selection is random.  Which one will you get?


  • The Original Tamagotchi digital pet you loved in 1997 is back with the original programming! 
  • Feed it, turn lights on/off, play with it, give it medicine, flush after it’s used the bathroom, check it’s health and discipline your Tamagotchi if he bothers you when he’s happy, fed and all cleaned up
  • Includes Character game where you have to guess which way the Tamagotchi will move next!
  • Ice cream with sprinkles shell with white 'Tamagotchi' and blue frame and buttons, and original programming and characters
  • Raise your Tamagotchi from egg to child to Adult and how you take care of it will decide which of the 7 Adults you’ll get
  • Comes with 1 Tamagotchi on a chain to take with you everywhere!
  • Battery (CR2032) included
  • For Ages 8+
  • Available at Amazon, Walmart and Target