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JoJo Siwa Worldwide Part Video Game is Available Now!


Hi Superstar!!

JoJo Siwa needs your help! Step into the dancing shoes of one of the biggest dancing superstars on the planet and make sure she hits the stage on time for her Worldwide PartyJoJo Siwa: Worldwide Partyrecently launched on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 & 5, and PC.

Adventure through ten fantasy lands on awesome vehicles including spaceships, jet skis and even a rollercoaster, while bopping along to JoJo's biggest hits including D.R.E.A.M., Hold the Drama, and It's Time to Celebrate! Use the controller as an instrument to jump, run and fly to the beat and make sure those moves are ready for the big stage!

To celebrate the release of JoJo’s new game, I was sent an awesome swag box which includes JoJo Siena’s Worldwide party game!  I can’t wait to share it with my friend’s daughter. She loves JoJo !