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Let the MeatStick Mini Help You Achieve the Perfect Meat Easily

I always struggle In the kitchen getting my meats to the perfect interior temperature.  I usually guess and either overcook or find myself taking out the meal and having to stick it back in the oven over and over.  

I recently received the MeatStick Mini.  It’s a perfect solution for helping me achieve meat perfection.  It is the worlds smallest meat thermometer and can be used in so many places including:





Sous Vide

Deep Fryer 

Air Fryer

It has a ceramic handle so that it is able to withstand high temperatures.  It is the first smart WIRELESS meat thermometer and was engineered to withstand almost all ways of cooking.

The best part of the MeatStick mini is that you can monitor your meat’s temperature while you are cooking by using the app. It even has its own charging stand which requires 2 AA batteries, which has built in Xtender to increase the Bluetooth range up to 100 feet indoors and 260 feet outdoors.

The MeatStick Mini

 Achieve meat perfection with the MeatStick Mini, the smart wireless meat thermometer that aid in helping you cook steakhouse and fine quality meals at home.

Whether you’re a bbq pit master or an at home cook, this MeatStick Mini will help you cook every day meals to perfection and it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the kitchen like other bulky meat thermometers.

Mini Set Features.jpeg

The MeatStick Mini has become a cult-favorite kitchen gadget because: 

  • Its mini size makes it suitable for any cut of meat.
  • It’s engineered to withstand any type of cooking – from grilling and smoking to sous-vide and more.
  • It monitors the full cook via The MeatStick App from wherever you are.
  • It makes overcooking no longer an option in the kitchen!
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