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Make The Christmas Poop Log A Fun Family Tradition


Here’s a fun new holiday tradition to start with your family! It’s The Christmas Poop Log!

The practice of finding the perfect poop log in the wilderness reflects the American tradition of finding the perfect tree. Once the one that’s ‘just right’ is found near the 8th of December, it is brought into the home and accessorized by its new family with an illustrated face and sometimes a felt hat or other festive attire and propped on smaller logs as front “legs.”  A cozy blanket is then laid on “Caga Tió” as it is affectionately called. 

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Beginning on December 8, every day, family members “feed” Caga Tió with fruits and nuts until December 24th.  It is then that Caga Tió is tapped with sticks while the family sings a corresponding song asking it to “poop” presents!  

After traveling to Spain several years ago and becoming fascinated by the tradition, entrepreneur and first time author Jonathan Chastek developed the activity set and book as a way to bring the endearing tradition to American families in an accessible way (aka - selling the logs as a ready-to-purchase complete kit vs. collecting the log in nature).

“It’s my hope that this fun cultural tradition will be embraced by many this season. The activity set, with the hardcover book included, telling the story is a great way to bring some holiday cheer and hopefully laughs. We definitely all need one this year!” says Chastek..

The tradition has recently been adopted by families and celebrities alike who appreciate its silliness and fun factor including Saturday Night Live Star, Comedian and Actress, Kate McKinnon.

The Christmas Poop Log Activity Set Bundle includes the story book of The Christmas Poop Log and an Activity Set including: Wooden Log, Wooden Dowels, Paint Set, Santa Hat, Felt Piece, Wood Glue and Googly Eyes and will also be available on Amazon for $34.95, making it a great gift for kids and anyone who loves a laugh. The log is made to keep year after year to continue the tradition (instead of adding it to the fire like many do in Spain).

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