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Replay the 50s, 60s and 70s with Boom Again


Don’t you wish you could go back in time to your childhood? I grew up in such a great time with great music, great television and great movies. Unfortunately we can go back in time but I do have a fun way to bring back memories in this fun new game!

This holiday season, give the Boomer in your life the perfect gift, Boom Again; the “cultural trivia” board game from the creator of Taboo, Outburst, and Super Scattergories. If you have a Baby Boomparent, friend or relative on your holiday list, you know how difficult it can be to find a gift that they can really appreciate. Boom Again will take those Baby Boomers back to warm, fun memories of growing up—and breaks the mold of conventional trivia games.Boom Again speaks directly to the generation who grew up in the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. Designed to be played by two players—or two teams, Boom Againfeatures over 2,200 questions drawing from advertising slogans and jingles, politics and social movements, movies, music, and television. The game takes players on a journey from The Twist right up to Disco; from American Bandstand to Soul Train; Doris Day all the way to Janis Joplin; poodle skirts to mini-skirts; from Hula Hoops to The Pill. It includes the anti-war movement, the sexual revolution, and the drug culture that were a huge part of every Boomer’s life experience.

The content is arranged in highly accessible categories:

Things We Heard — Music, jingles, famous speeches, lyrics, catchphrases 

Things We Saw —TV shows, movies, commercials, magazines, sporting events 

Things We Learned in School —The “3 R’s,” clubs, dances, school yard games 

In The News — Politics, sports, world events and conflicts, Sunday comics

Stuff We Learned On the Street — Backyard games, fashion, cars, social changes, dances.


Boom Again is packaged in a “cigar box” — just like the ones where Boomers kept their prized possessions. Authentic touchstones become the game tokens, including a real metal skate key, the center insert adapter from a 45 rpm record, a “Students For Kennedy” campaign button, a Vietnam-Era dog tag, and a working roach clip. The game even includes a “Boomer's Little Helper" magnifier, just in case players forget their readers. 


The game retails for $45.00 (which includes shipping and handling in the continental United States) and is available exclusively at