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The Wildly Whimsical Tales of Gracie & Sniggles: Boo Who?



 From Award-Winning Children’s Author Teressa Hill Comes an Adventure Filled with Scary Shenanigans and Lessons of Acceptance
100% of Royalties Donated to the ASPCA

What: Children’s book, The Wildly Whimsical Tales of Gracie & Sniggles: Boo Who?
From: Children’s author Teressa Hill     
Synopsis: A magical adventure awaits young readers in Boo Who? when a precocious girl named Gracie, her dog, Sniggles and their friends; Bob, a crotchety crow; Lucy and eccentric cat; and an anxiety-filled squirrel named Ziggy, befriend a fearful little ghost, Boo Montague, at the Hocus Pocus Pumpkin Patch.  Boo was shunned by the other ghosts because he’s cheerful, not spiteful and frightful, Gracie invites Boo to join them for Halloween.  All is well until Sully the snail, who delivers the mail, arrives with a note from Annie McFannie that reads, “Halloween has been canceled!” 

The gang embarks on an adventure to save Halloween, with the help from retired wizard, Mr. Finkelstein.  Tag along down Scaredy Pants Path, into Fairies Forest and onward to Trick-or-Treat searching for Creepy Street, while navigating all kinds of shenanigans and meeting whimsical characters along the way.   Will the gang save Halloween and help Boo too?

Teaching:  Lessons in friendship, facing your fears and empathy.  Perfect for 4 to 8 years old.

What’s Next:  Be sure to keep your eyes out for The Wildly Whimsical Tales of Gracie & Sniggles: Magical Mo coming in November!

About Teressa Hill:  Teressa Hill grew up in Oregon. She spent much of her time outside riding her horse Tiffany with her dog Luke trailing behind. When she was not spending time outside with her beloved animals and nature, she trained as a competitive figure skater and traveled extensively. During her downtime from training, she wrote stories and poetry. She also loved to sketch and later became an accomplished painter and sold several of her paintings. After her competitive figure skating career, she transitioned into her career as a film and television hairstylist. That is when she began writing screenplays. In 2005, she wrote a children's animated series, which she has now developed into "The Wildly Whimsical Tales of Gracie & Sniggles," a series of children's books available online. Her constant inspirations are her many furry companions she has been grateful to know throughout her life.  An accomplished hair stylist, Hill just wrapped on the upcoming film Unfrosted: The Pop Tart Story directed by Jerry Seinfeld.


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