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Great Sensory Toys to Gift This Holiday

If you’re looking for sensory toys this holiday season, I have some great suggestions for you. These toys have different textures and are easy to take along wherever you go. There’s even a fun sensory drawing pad that’s so much fun! Check out my Instagram for demos of some items I received 

Feel Goo! (Hog Wild) - A cool, super-squishy line of sensory plaything from Hog Wild Toys. Each Feel Goo! hand-held ball delivers a unique combination of sensory sensations --satisfying textures, bright colors, and different sounds. Feel Goo! comes in a variety of shapes from spheres and ovals to animals and food. Available on Amazon soon.

DoodleJamz BrightBoard (Sky Castle) - Amid the explosion of ASMR and sensory hashtags on social media comes DoodleJamz - a line of hand-held squish ’n shape drawing pads. Think Woolly Willy in the 21st century! And just in time for the holidays you can light up your DoodleJamz designs with the new DoodleJamz BrightBoard. The hand-held light-up case is compatible with both DoodleJamz Jelly Pics and DoodleJamz Jelly Boards. Frame your designs, light them up, and use the kickstand to display your designs vertically or horizontally. Available on Amazon (Affiliate link)

GooToobz (Sky Castle) - Sensory is definitely happening this holiday. And new GooToobz! -- transparent, hand-held sensory tubes filled with a super satisfying mix of goo, glitter, and beads — are super on trend!. Squish either end of your GooToobz to feel, listen, and watch the filling rush from one end of the maze design to the other. Three different styles available that target different senses. Available on Amazon (Affilate link)

These sensory toys are wonderful ways to help relax and calm.