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Safer Cleaning with Less Waste

I was given the opportunity to test out the Wind Up floor cleaner from and was very impressed with how easy it was to use and how beautifully it cleans my floors. It uses safe solution and roll that gives amazing  cleaning to my floors!

Check out my video review:

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I loved how simple it was to assemble the Wind Up.  I just had to snap the handle together, charge the rechargeable battery, and add the cleaning fluid to the chamber.  The Wind Up is lightweight and glides easily across my tiles.  For harder stuck on stains, I used 2 hand to firmly push down and scrub. I am just so happy to not have to purchase those expensive cleaning pads anymore.  This covers a large surface area easily and effectively.


2XL began 25 years ago driven by a relentless passion to make the world cleaner, safer, and healthier. Through the years they have engineered cleaning formulas and products using safe, high-quality, specialized ingredients that are tough on dirt and germs but safe for people. Their first product, a fitness-focused cleaning wipe, quickly grew into many new product lines across a wide spectrum of industries, crafted to protect, disinfect, and clean anywhere people (and germs) gather.

Cost savings, expensive pads vs. our roll technology • Quick and easy to use, pick up clean and advance the roll for a new surface • Ergonomic Handle • Continuous Cleaning, easy button press to advance the roll. No need to stop and remove a dirty pad. • The cleaning roll itself and how much surface area it can clean, 20,000 sq ft. • The double headed cleaning area • Removable liquid tank, you can use your own cleaning solution • The down force, means no smearing only cleaning

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