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Santa Dude Holiday Beard Kit


Here’s a great gift idea for our men with beards.  This is the Santa Dude Holiday Beard Kit and it has everything out men need to keep their holiday beards looking and smelling amazing.  I love the holiday scents.  They’re not overwhelming at all.  They just have a nice subtle scent to them.  You can purchase this kit on the Derm Dude website by visiting this link

FYI Derm Dude also make gifts to keep men’s bodies looking and smelling great as well.


Real ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ star review! “My husband’s beard has never been softer or smelled better! He is always outdoors in cold, wet conditions. He doesn’t have a ton of time for complicated products (especially in December). And he doesn’t get flakes all over Rudolph anymore. It’s a Christmas miracle!” - Mrs. St Nick.  

Set includes:

  • Beardgasmic™ Beard Shampoo + Conditioner - Digs in deep to remove dirt, & dead skin cells while nourishing & hydrating for a healthier, thicker, fuller-looking mega-beard
  • Holiday Accelerator Beard Oil Candy Cane & Gingerbread Spice Scents -Ultra moisturizing to calm, soothe & nourish flaky skin while helping to promote beard growth 
  • Boar Bristle Beard Brush with Bamboo Handle - Boar bristles & comfortable bamboo handle make this the ultimate beard brush for every Dude with every length & style of beard
  • 100% Peachwood Anti-Static Beard Comb - Natural Peach Wood conditions hair & evenly distributes natural oils


Check out Drew’s Book titled “UNDER MY SKIN”. It’s an interesting read!

About the Book

Under My Skin is not a story about tattoos or body art. It’s about Drew Plotkin’s ‘f*uck the rules’ mindset as he travels from New Jersey to Hollywood and even around the world, seeking to unravel his greatest mystery and piece together his biggest puzzle: Himself. From landing (briefly) on death row, to directing A-list Hollywood celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and many others, plus even somehow ending up featured in “Framing Britney Spears”, it’s a hilarious and brutally raw, honest story about success, failure, love, heart-breaking loss, and most of all, finding the resilience and mental strength to always get the f*ck back up, and back on top.

As an Emmy nominated journalist, a bizarre series of life-altering events leads to Drew spearheading mega-commercial brands with huge success and over 1 billion dollars in worldwide revenue. Drew’s genuine life story is a rollercoaster ride where he reveals painful secrets of his past, along with his own techniques and tools for continuously navigating life’s never-ending trail of valleys and peaks.

This is a story about learning to survive so you can thrive. It’s about a real-life human POST IT® note morphing his body into his own roadmap to finding peace and healing with the past, awareness for the present, and safe passage and wisdom for all that lies ahead. It’s a piss in your pants funny, yet deeply moving true story of one man’s journey to becoming the Derm Dude™. One tattoo at a time.

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