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Think Big and Build Small with Nanoblock


I love building blocks, and Nanoblock has awesome sets that make perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for the holiday season. They’re micro bricks are super fun to create with and don’t take up a lot of room.   I am a huge Pokémon fanatic and they have some awesome sets featuring all of my favorites! They are available on Amazon. (Affiliate link. As an Amazon Affiliate I receive a small incentive anytime I purchase is made using my link.)

For the construction set fan seeking a superior building experience, nanoblock offers a greater challenge, sophistication and detail than any other system. Create exquisite 3D works of art with amazing realism and authenticity. With bricks as small as 4mmx 4mm x 5mm and manufactured to the highest tolerances, you can build ornate and incredibly detailed sculptures that will fit in the palm of your hand. These unique bricks let you build precise models of astonishing design and quality. Each project comes with detailed, step by step instructions. Take your building experience to the next level with nanoblocks. 

nanoblock - Original Micro-Sized Building Block

Think big, build small 

Nanoblocks fit together just like any other plastic building block sets - but as the name implies, they are much, much, much smaller.

Difficulty Levels 

Based on a scale from 1 to 5. 1 being the easiest and 5 being most advanced, you are able to find one to fit your skill set. 


Great Gift Idea 

With exciting models to appeal to every personality, nanoblock makes wonderful unique gifts for any skill level, young or old. 

Check out this video featuring Nanoblock


Pokémon Type Normal Set 1 is a blind box complete set of 6 unique characters!

Each Pokémon stands approximately 1.38" tall.

  • This is considered an entry level kit.
  • Package: Box

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