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WhatIF Foods - 50% sitewide November 26-29 -NoodBoxes and BamNut Milk



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WhatIF Foods is a planet-positive food and beverage company that’s on a  mission to regenerate the planet and its people. As a global champion of true REgeneration, WhatIF Foods reinvents and innovates the entire food system and encourages consumers to always choose the better option. They do this by diversifying the food system with environmentally-friendly crops that can restore degraded lands, cut water consumption, improve our diets and increase food security. WhatIF Foods creates tasty, convenient foods that replenish with nutritious ingredients and restore soil health to increase its carbon capture potential and reconnect people with farming communities who are vital in our value chain.

WhatIF Foods’ core mission to bring about true REgeneration is centered around a forgotten and underutilized crop known as the Bambara groundnut. This West African and Southeast Asian crop, which WhatIF Foods calls BamNut, is a nutritionally complete, regenerative and hardy legume that has the ability to grow in degraded lands with minimal demand for resources.


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Dignity Coconuts - 20% off from now until December 31 - free shipping 

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The why behind the brand

The coconut industry is built on slavery. Coconut farmers are trapped in predatory loans and corrupt pricing that puts them at risk of trafficking. They get away with it because the options in these poor farming communities are even worse. After years of non-profit work, we started Dignity Coconuts to help farmers escape this through direct trade, debt relief, education, skills training, clean water, and other holistic help. Your switch to Dignity allows another family a new life of freedom.


About the Products

RAW COCONUT OIL (Main Product)

Impact – the coconut industry enslaves farmers. We’re helping them escape and giving them a new life.

Raw – our coconut oil is one of the only brands to offer a raw coconut oil, so you get all the micronutrients.

100% Organic - We helped 156 farmer families achieve Organic Certification so they get a better price for their coconuts.

Mild Taste – our gentle centrifuge process gives the coconut oil a light, fresh taste.

Fresh – we bottle at the source to lock in freshness



CHEMICAL-FREE - Excellent protection and healing properties without any of the toxic chemicals found in most lip balms.

FRAGRANCE-FREE - Enjoy essential oils and subtle hints of natural ingredients. 

VEGAN - No animal ingredients, animal by-products, or animal-derived products like beeswax or lanolin.

SMALL BATCH - Carefully crafted to renew your lips.

HIGH QUALITY - You shouldn't have to choose between quality and affordability. All ingredients are unrefined, giving you all of the natural benefits.



Healthy, glowing skin without synthetics.

EcoMax Brushes are Fair-Trade Certified, ethically handmade from High-Quality Natural Fibers.

Includes: Soft or Medium Bristle Dry Brush, How To Dry Body Brush Guide, and 4oz Raw Coconut Oil to nourish your skin in a Reusable Bag (100% natural and biodegradable)