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3 Times when You Should Consider Changing the Locks on Your Home


Changing locks on a property is something a lot of homeowners try to avoid either because of the inconvenience or the costs. But there are times when you will have no choice if you want to ensure your safety. Your locks are the last line of defence against intruders, and you will never truly have peace of mind if they’ve been compromised. So, if something happened with your locks or keys recently, then you might have to consider having your locks changed immediately. Let’s take a look at some of the situations where it might be best to change the locks on your property.

You or Someone in your Family Lost Their Keys

Changing your locks because someone lost their keys might seem excessive, but you never know who could get their hands on the keys in question. If this is someone who also happens to know your address, then you could be in serious trouble.

This is something that should especially concern you if you lost your keys in a place where people know you, like work, for instance. Someone with bad intentions could very easily get a hold of your keys right there and find a way to break in. And the fact that they know when you’re not home makes things even worse.

This is why you should contact an emergency locksmith based in Cardiff right away if it happens. A 24 hour Cardiff locksmith like Curley Locks will be able to change your locks at any time of the day and give you peace of mind immediately. A locksmith in Cardiff will give you an estimate right over the phone, so you can tell how much you can expect to pay. 

You were the Victim of a Break In

If someone broke into your property and damaged your locks, then have them changed as soon as possible. A lock that has been compromised will be less resistant and easier to break through, so make sure that you have this fixed right away. Now would also be a good time to improve your security system and start looking at things like door sensors. These will not only let you know if someone broke in but also tell you if you left your door unlocked, among other things.

You Just Moved into the Property

If you are just moving into a property, then changing the locks should be one of the first things you do. While it doesn't happen every day, there have been cases of homeowners keeping keys for months so they can go back to commit a break-in. You also don't know how safely they handled their keys and locks in the past. Switching the locks on the home will allow you to feel safer, and make you feel like this is your home.


These are all examples of times when you should call a locksmith and have your locks replaced. The sooner you act, the better it will be, so don’t delay and call a professional as soon as possible to avoid issues.


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