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Celebrate National Opal Apples Day with these Delicious Recipes


I’ve just recently become familiar with Opal Apples. I love Golden Delicious and these are a cross between them and Topaz apple, and they’re Non-GMO. I love incorporating apples into my desserts and meals and wanted to share these delicious recipes with you!

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To celebrate today's National Opal Apples Day,  we're dishing Opal Apple’s newest top 20 recipes for snacks, lunches, dinners, cocktails and more, just in time for the Christmas festivities. 

Opal Apples are a cross between a Golden Delicious apple and a Topaz apple, which means they not only have a unique crunch but also a sweet and tangy taste to match. This yellow apple is the first variety in the country to be verified by the Non-GMO Project so they’re super healthy, too! And our favorite attribute is that they're one of the few naturally non-browning apples. 

Below are listed just a few of our favorite Opal Apple dishes but you can discover all 20 of their freshest recipes here

Opal Apple Fries
Battered and fried apple wedges tossed in cinnamon sugar and served with a salted caramel “cheesecake” dip.

Grilled PB&J Apple Sandwiches  
Peanut butter, jelly, and sliced apples on wheat bread – grilled – and sliced into mini sandwiches – perfect for kids.

Bacon Apple Biscuits
A perfect addition to any holiday meal – biscuits made with white cheddar, bacon, rosemary and apples.

Apple Glazed Meatballs
Ground beef meatballs mixed with garlic, ginger, shredded apples and panko bread crumbs in a soy-apple glaze.

Apple Crab Salad 
Sliced apples, chunks of fresh crab meat and pecans in an olive oil and white wine vinaigrette

Apple Chai Latte
Creamy chai mixed with spices and homemade apple cider – served with whipped cream.

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