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Fun Card Games for Adults and Older Teens


Looking for some great gag gifts, stocking stuffers or gifts for older teens and adults? has two fun card games that will have you rolling with laughter. 


For Older Teens

This is a great teen and adult game that requires a lot of concentration and a little bit of deceit. Try to figure out who lies and who is telling the truth as you try to figure out who is Human or Skeleton. This game is based on Dios de los Muertos. It’s so much fun to play and each round is less than 30 minutes.

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In Hysteria, there are two ‘teams’. “Team Skeleton’ and ‘Team Luna’. As cards move around the table, watch out, the teams might have changed…. even yours.

Look Left. Look Right. Pass a card. Accuse your friends in this suspiciously simple social deduction game. Try to follow the cards, and the lies, around the table!

After a successful Kickstarter, Hysteria is now available for purchase. Grab yourself a copy and start the lying and deception today!

For Adults


It’s a guy thing. Lol 

This game has me rolling with laughter. It’s based on the ages long lies that guys tell about their “Richards”. It’s hilarious to play on couples night, at a girls night out or any adult get together.

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In Tricky Dicks, you’ll be measuring victory by claiming to have either the Longest, Shortest, Thickest, or Thinnest completely unique picture of Richard in your hand.

Once the claim is made, everyone else will need to decide: either pass and hide their Richard OR slap their Richard on the table! Once all the players have decided, reveal all the Richards in play and see which one best matches the claim.

Very Simple Rules, Quick Turns, Fast Games.

Hilarious card game with lots of laughs, even if its your very first time.

Don’t think you have the Longest, Shortest, Thickest, or Thinnest Richard? Don't worry, just lie. Everyone does.



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