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Is It Worth Paying for a Homebuyer’s Survey Before Buying a House?


If you are in the process of buying a new house and have found a property that you’d like to make an offer on, is it worth getting a survey carried out before going forward to the next step? Buying a home can be a lengthy and often expensive process; however, having a homebuyer’s survey conducted on the property before you get the keys can be worth the additional time and money that it takes. When viewing a property, it can be all too easy to overlook any issues, even serious ones, that might not be obvious immediately. So, keep reading to find out more about some of the main benefits of having a homebuyer’s survey. 

Save Money

While paying for a homebuyer survey carried out by qualitied property surveyors might seem counterproductive, the fact is that buyers who enlist a property surveyor for RICs surveying before buying a house tend to save thousands of pounds on repairs once they have moved in. With chartered surveying, you will have access to the building survey report that lets you know more information on the property and any work that needs to be done on it, making sure that you go into the purchase fully informed. You might save money by deciding not to purchase a house that turns out to have more issues than you originally thought, or the home buyers survey could provide you with enough information to catch certain issues early and prevent a big expense later. Book a house surveyor in Norwich to get your homebuyer’s survey. 

More Negotiating Power

With a homebuyer’s survey carried out by a surveyor RICs registered, you can get more negotiating power when it comes to the house asking price. If you have your heart set on buying a certain property but a survey finds that it has more problems than you expected, then you may be able to get the sellers to reduce the asking price to reflect the amount of money that you’ll need to spend on work and repairs once you have purchased the property. Overall, getting a homebuyer’s survey could help you get your next property for less. 

Peace of Mind

Finally, a homebuyer’s survey is usually around a few hundred pounds, which is definitely worth paying for your peace of mind. When you have this survey carried out, you know that you are fully aware of any problems with the property, so there are no nasty surprises later. There is nothing worse than buying a house only to find that it has things wrong with it that you’re now responsible to pay to fix, that you weren’t aware of when you purchased the property. With a homebuyer’s survey before you take the next steps to complete the sale, you have peace of mind and all the information you need. 

Whether you are buying your first home or investing in your next property, there are lots of reasons why getting a homebuyer’s survey carried out before completing the sale is a wise decision.