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National Geographic Kids Holiday Grand Prize Giveaway

This holiday season National Geographic Kids Books -- the gold standard in "edu-tainment" -- has great gift ideas for every curious kid, from big, beautiful and WOW-worthy titles to stocking stuffers that are, well, STUFFED with fun facts, silly jokes and photos galore.

We here at Chatty Patty’s Place love Nat Geo Kids Books and they’ve given us  the opportunity to review and giveaway all SEVEN titles listed below. The 7-book "National Geographic Kids Holiday Grand Prize Giveaway" has an ARV of $116 and is open to US residents only.

For the Dinosaur Obsessed: National GeographicKids Dinosaur Atlas

Many kids love dinosaurs and this is the ultimate dinosaur book.  It’s loaded with so much knowledge and awesome images.  Kids will love this book!

This is a gift that kids can really sink their teeth into! With more than 75 prehistoric creatures featured, the National GeographicKids Dinosaur Atlas ​(Hardcover, ages 7-10, $24.99) takes readers on a tour of every dinosaur-inhabited continent, from Pangea to the modern day, revealing which creatures lived there, what their habitats were like and where dinosaur bones are being found today. Special sections introducing the dinosaur family tree, a prehistoric era
timeline, the geography of the prehistoric globe, what happened to the dinosaurs, and a dinosaur dictionary (with phonetic pronunciations) are also included. Readers will find inspiration from profiles of diverse paleontologists from around the world. The oversized hardcover format showcases stunning, full color dinosaur illustrations on every page and the custom-made, kid-friendly maps were created by National Geographic's legendary cartography and exploration experts. Vetted and curated by Dr. Steve Brusatte -- a paleontologist on faculty at the School of Geosciences at the University of Edinburg, a PhD recipient from Columbia University, and the science consultant for the Jurassic World franchise -- this atlas contains the most detailed and accurate information not only about dino "fan favorites" but also about the most recent dinosaur discoveries from less explored dig sites around the world.

For the Animal Lover: 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Animals) and Little Kids First Big Book of Baby Animals

5,000 Awesome Facts (About Animals) (Hardcover, ages 8-12, $19.99)

      "well suited for trivia buffs......Lively and full of interest." - Kirkus Reviews

I loved trivia books as a child.  They challenged me and encouraged me to learn more. This book is filled with so much knowledge and beautiful images.

Ever wonder how smart a chicken is? Why a tiny island is home to thousands of venomous snakes? What sound a rhino makes when it’s happy? 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Animals) -- a big, beautiful and gift worthy book for animal lovers and the fact-obsessed -- leaves no habitat unexplored or unusual animal ability unmentioned.

For Fans of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series: Zeus the Mighty: The Epic Escape from the Underworld

"Great characters, action, adventure, and lots of humor" - School Library Connection
"A treat for proto–Percy Jackson fans.” — Kirkus Reviews

This is such an awesome series for kids.  Zeus the Mighty takes kids back to the days of Greek Mythology with a twist. This is a great series to read. 

Attention greek mythology lovers! The highly anticipated next installment in the critically acclaimed fiction series Zeus the Mighty is here! In The Epic Escape from the Underworld(Hardcover, ages 8-,12, $12.99), join Zeus the overconfident hamster, Athena the wise cat, Ares the treat-loving pug, Poseidon the proud pufferfish, Demeter the loyal grasshopper, and Hermes the daring chicken at the Mount Olympus Pet Center in Athens, GA on another laugh-out-loud adventure through Greek mythology. Check out the Zeus the Mighty website for videos, printables, games, fun Greek facts and episodes of the award winning podcast "Greeking Out."

For the Armchair Traveler: Big Book of W.O.W. (Wonders of Our World)

(Hardcover, ages 8-12, $19.99) 

These were always my son’s favorites.  He loved Atlases and books about the wonders of the world.  I guess these types of books were the reason why he loves to travel so much. 

Join the exploration experts at National Geographic Kids on a globe-trotting adventure through what’s most spectacular in our universe. Embrace your inner adventurer as you explore the most incredible and inspiring wonders of our world. Roam through the breathtaking sand dunes in Namibia’s Namib Desert. Marvel at Mexico’s axolotl, an animal that can regrow almost any body part. Plunge into a mysterious underwater forest in Kazakhstan. As you race from one amazing wonder to the next, you’ll take in gorgeous photography and mind-boggling facts that reveal the truth, history, and scientific explanation behind all that’s cool and wow-worthy in our universe. It's an epic journey around the globe―and beyond!

For Those Who Dream About What Tomorrow Might Look Like
Ultimate Book of the Future

(Hardcover, ages 8-12, $19.99) 

I remember as a child, always wondering what the future would be.  I always imagined flying cars and telephones with peoples faces.  Some of the things I imagined came from the Jetsons tv series.  It’s funny how some of those are now here. Kids will love reading and imagining their future with this great book that is filled with images and information.

Robot dogs! Jet packs! Cyborgs! Super-sleek space suits! It’s not science fiction, it’s science reality. And soon, it may be part of everyday life. This book is a jam-packed collection of the coolest tech and wildest ideas that are shaping the world of tomorrow. With chapters on future cities, space travel, high-tech entertainment, and even saving the world,Ultimate Book of the Future is a thorough, fun compendium of high-tech gadgets being built today and the coolest stuff tomorrow has to offer, plus the amazing dreamers making it all happen. Special “Could It Happen?” features tackle kids” burning hypothetical questions, like whether Jurassic Park could really exist, or whether a robot could become president. Each chapter also includes a “Future Fail!” that profiles one thing we thought we'd have by now, but don't (like everything from The Jetsons.) And kids will see where they might fit into the picture through the “Jobs of Tomorrow” profiled in each chapter. (Job titles include mind reader, space pilot, and robot-human communicator. Seriously!)

For the Screen-Obsessed: 

I love this book! It’s fun, humorous and filled with so many animal images!

What if animals were on social media? Critter Chat (Paperback, ages 8-12, $9.99) is a fresh, funny and completely unique premise that presents facts, stats and jokes about the coolest animals on the planet in a way that tech-savvy kids like to consume information. Check out a funny (and informative!) group text thread between a tern and his friends -- a narwhal, a musk ox and an arctic fox. "Dolphinstagram" treats readers to fascinating images and spot-on hashtags. "Llamazon" is the "beast" place to shop and the animals aren't shy about posting their product reviews! Critter Chat is lighthearted fun packed with cool animal info.

For the Littlest of Hands: Little Kids First Board Book: African Animals

(Board Book, ages 0-2, $7.99) 

We can’t forget the little ones! They will love this adorable board book that is filled with beautiful animals images.  My son learned all his animals from these type of books and he may have snacked on a few of the books. lol 

Little learners are invited to start counting from 1 to 10 on this fun-packed tour through the savanna and jungles of Africa. Each spread introduces a new number and corresponding images of amazing African animals along with super-simple facts. Toddlers will be delighted by the variety of wild creatures featured, inlcuding lions, elephants, meerkats and more.With its square shape, bright and playful design, awesome photography, clear text, and cues to encourage interactive learning, the Little Kids First Board Book takes a fresh new approach to excite a baby's sense of wonder and make learning about nature and science fun.

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  1. Thank you for hosting this giveaway

  2. I had a huge book full of classic fairy tales. I enjoyed the collection of different stories.

  3. I loved reading Calvin & Hobbes.

  4. When I was a child I liked the boks that came with a record that would tell you the story.

  5. I liked the books that came with a record that told the story to you

  6. at 70+ no ideal.............. but I am a book lover


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