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Tis the Season of Giving to People in Need


Christmas isn’t always about giving physical gifts or finding physical gifts under the tree. It’s really a time of looking into your heart and reaching out to people in need. 

Think about all of the families who are struggling this holiday season and all year long. Many people are looking to find where their next meal is coming from.  Some people are freezing in the cold because they can’t afford a warm coat.  

To get into the spirit of the holiday, perhaps this season, you can look into your heart to help others who are in need. I’m not asking you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with doing, but I’m asking you to find ways to help people who are less fortunate due to unforeseen circumstances or health issues. 

It’s easy to say “Tell them to go get a job” isn’t it? But, truth be told, some people can’t.  

While there are many well known charities that are on tv and online, I personally prefer to give to local charities in my own neighborhood.

While researching charities a couple of years ago, I came across  the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.  The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal take vows of poverty, they live among the people they serve, in the poorest neighborhoods in the world. These are the type of people who live to help the poor, with no other expectations other than to help them get back on their feet, feed and clothe those poor, give them hope and send them off with a smile on their face and a warm meal in their stomach, knowing that someone loves and cares about them. They also provide spiritual evangelism to those who need it most.

 This holiday if you can’t afford to give to your local charities or Franciscans who cater to the poorest of the poor, at least take some time to pray for them each day.  I’m stressing local charities, as I’m referring to church food pantries and local men and woman shelters. 

This Christmas, let us all live like the Franciscans and reach out to a family member, neighbor or someone else in need to show them that we care.

If you’d like to donate to your local Franciscan Friars of the Renewal just google their name and the poorest city in your area and I guarantee their website will pop up with their mission.  If you’d like to donate to the Franciscans in my area, here is their paypal to donate  and Amazon wish list 

If you can’t afford to donate, call someone who is alone, tell them you’re thinking about them, sew or crochet or knit something special for someone in need, send a card to a neighbor who lives alone, make some cookies for your local nursing home. Little gestures of kindness go a long way.

Merry Christmas


  1. You don't have to give monetary donations as well. Many homeless shelters can use products such as shampoo, body wash, soap, tooth brush and toothpaste. Just talk to the local shelter to determine their current needs.

  2. it shuld always be the season!


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