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What to Pack in Your Carry-On When Traveling With a Toddler

Traveling with your kiddo can be a fun and rewarding experience for the whole family. However, it does take a little more prep work than solo travels typically do. Packing the right supplies to keep your kiddo fed and entertained—and keep them safely corralled, too—can make all the difference when you hit the road together. 


The five items below will ensure that you and your little one arrive at your destination safely, happily, and with all of your precious cargo right where you need it. 


A Great Bag and Organizer Bundle:


A terrific organizer such as the  Live-for-the-Weekender Travel Bag & Organizer Bundle from Petunia Pickle Bottom, can keep all your  essentials carefully separated, organized, and accessible. The bag is equipped with three interior elastic pockets, a front zipper pocket, and a trolley sleeve, as well as a contents caddy that is compatible with most Petunia Pickle Bottom accessories. Bonus! The bag is extremely stylish, giving you that extra swagger you need this holiday season!


A Comfortable Carrier:


Traveling with a great carrier, like the Lillebaby CarryOn AirFlow carrier, can help you transport your little one safely from place to place—something especially beneficial in crowded areas like an airport or train station—while keeping your hands free. The carrier features breathable mesh panels, so neither of you will have to worry about overheating, and with its exterior zipper pocket, you can easily tote your essentials without having to bring a bag with you. 


A Reusable Snack Container: 


Any parent can tell you—and you’ve likely experienced it yourself: a hungry toddler is a cranky toddler. And while you could shell out copious amounts of cash to keep them satisfied it will be much more satisfying to keep a reusable snack container in your diaper backpack—like a  Pixel from Petunia Pickle Bottom—so you can keep treats fresh and delicious without spending a fortune. 


Some Unrippable Books:


Indestructibles, a line of light, rip-proof books for little ones, are perfect for keeping on hand to ensure your kiddo is happy and entertained during your travels. Their books are water-proof and tear resistant, standing up to even those most enthusiastic little learners. 


Small Toys on a Ring:


If you want to ensure your little one stays occupied—try bringing some of their favorite small toys on a ring. Everything from plastic keys to teethers to small stuffed animals to musical instruments can be easily transported with you to keep your kiddo entertained during your travels without giving them endless screen time or letting them play with things they maybe shouldn’t—like your phone, your keys, or—gasp!—your passport. 


Armed with the right accessories in a well-packed bag, you can make any trip both fun and enjoyable for the whole family.