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Disney Junior’s SuperKitties Premieres January 11


This past weekend I was invited to a virtual screening of Disney Junior’s newest sure to be hit show SuperKitties.

Cute is an understatement for these super kitties who each possess their own special super power. 

"SuperKitties" is an adorable and action-packed new series about four fierce and furry superhero kittens - Ginny. Sparks, Buddy and Bitsy - who are on a missionto make their town of Kittydale a more caring and "pawesome" place.

When chaos is around, the kitties receive a special “Kitty Cat” alert which causes them to spring into action!

Check out this video featuring the SuperKitties theme song:


The episodes I viewed at the virtual sneak peek featured the Cat Burglar who was on a mission to steal all of the yarn he could find, and a naughty mouse who tried to stomp all of the flowers in Kittydale! It didn’t take long for the SuperKitties to spring into action and calmly de-escalate each of the situations.

SuperKitties" premieres WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11 with a simulcast on Disney Channel and Disney Junior (10:30 a.m. EST). An initial batch of episodes will premiere the same day on on-demand platforms and Disney+.

While attending the show, we were invited to some fun activities including taking some badge photos and the chance to be one of the first people to play the SuperKitties video game! The game is so much fun and features all of the characters with their super powers! The option of the game is to collect objects before being caught by the villains.


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