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My Favorite Kids Spanish Program (FREE month inside)


Free February Email Sarah’s Spanish School Jan/Feb 2023

Hey, there! 

Have you been thinking of incorporating Spanish into your homeschool? If so, I have exciting news for you.

Sarah's Spanish School is giving Chatty Patty’s Place readers a chance to get a FULL MONTH of kids Spanish classes for FREE!

**No credit card needed, no catch!**

First, let me tell you a little more about Sarah Thiemann and Sarah’s Spanish School and why we love it so much:

  • Sarah founded and runs a trusted online Spanish program, helping thousands of kids fall in love with Spanish each year. 

  • Kids can jump on a class by themselves whatever time of day works for their schedule, so it’s great for busy moms.

  • She offers a wide variety of activities for kids ages 5 - 13 and has fantastic parent testimonials. 

Best thing? Kids hardly realize they’re learning - they just think they are having fun! 

They do cool activities like games, art, science experiments, songs, and even cooking - all IN Spanish.

It’s the program I would enroll my kids in. 

Meet Sarah of Sarah’s Spanish School ⬆️ Sarah is a former high-school Spanish teacher who lives in Missouri with her husband and 1-year-old son. She loves baking, traveling, fishing, singing, hanging out with her family, and (most importantly) teaching kids Spanish!!!

She put together something special just for us! She is inviting you to participate in a whole month of their online Spanish program, COMPLETELY FREE!

This means your children, ages 5-13, can take online Spanish classes every day the entire month of February! FREE.

Your kids will look forward to learning Spanish through weekly themes, interactive activities, and tons of fun!

But that’s not all!

You’ll also get instant access to a private membership area with done-for-you follow up activities, tons of cool bonuses (like Spanish cooking classes), an Encanto activity pack, and more!

Super awesome, right!? 

No credit card needed, no catch! 100% free.

They have to cap registration at some point (and this will be your only reminder), so save your child’s spot by signing up today! 


Sarah’s Spanish School promises to make it fun and easy to get your kids learning and loving Spanish.

And right now, you can try it completely free!

Check It Out!

PS: If you’re someone who skips to the bottom of the email, here’s a quick recap!

Your children can participate in online Spanish classes with Sarah’s Spanish School for the entire month of February FOR FREE!!! (Plus a few bonuses once you get in)


**No credit card needed, no catch!**


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