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Recharge and Stay Hydrated


There’s more to good health than going to the gym and eating right. Your body needs to stay properly hydrated. If you think that drinking a few glasses of water a day are enough, it’s not. According to University of Nebraska Health Care, our bodies are made up of close to 60% water. We lose much of that water constantly through urine, sweat, waste, skin, and even breathing.

When we drink proper amounts of water, we are receiving many benefits which include:

  • Regulating our body’s internal temperature
  • Regulating our hunger and metabolism 
  • Lubricating our joints
  • Ridding our bodies of waste by flushing it out
  • Production of adequate saliva

When you don’t drink enough fluids, your body becomes dehydrated. This can lead to electrolyte imbalance, kidney problems and other complications. I’ve had family members pass out from dehydration. It’s scary and can happen easier and quicker than you think. Most men need about 16 cups of water a day, while women need 11 cups of fluids per day. If you are sick, exercise or naturally sweat often, you should drink even more water. When you are having bouts of diarrhea, fever or vomiting. These are times that you should also be drinking more water.

Essential Elements is here to make hydrating fun and easy with their new hydration sticks that are the perfect fuel to recharge. Featuring a combination of apple cider vinegar, sodium, potassium, and buffered vitamin C to ease digestion, you’ll keep hydrated and ready to roll. Just like you, Ee's hydration sticks go the extra mile to provide the extra oomph you need to keep working out, finish your shift strong, and stay energized throughout the day, making it the perfect tool to better your workout.

These hydrating sticks come in delicious flavors including watermelon cucumber, raspberry lemonade and yuzu lime. If you order the variety pack, you get all 3 flavors. They are all keto-friendly, soy free, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and have no artificial colors. All flavors are natural. 

I was sent this variety pack and it is wonderful! It contains 24 powder stick packets that can easily be packed in a gym bag or purse, or even pocket. While I enjoy plain water, I do not prefer it, and find having the Essential Elements hydration sticks encourages me to drink more water because of the pleasant flavors.

I was also sent their glass drinking vessel and ACV gummies to help support my body’s immune system and health.  They’re also great for supporting my energy levels, weight goals, heart health and cognitive brain functions. I’m a huge fan of taking apple cider vinegar supplements for my health and wellness. I especially like that it has been proven that apple cider vinegar may aid in weight loss, helping toreduce cholesterol and also may aid in blood sugar reduction.

How do you plan to improve your body and stay hydrated this year? 


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