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Working Out With Limited Mobility


Anyone who has ever worked out for the long term, has probably had to deal with their share of injuries, Lets face it, injuries are part of the game. In worst case scenario, sometimes laying off completely is the best remedy to allow your injuries to heal completely. In most cases, however, such a drastic approach, is not required.

Sometimes eliminating some exercises  and  movements and/or restricting the range of motion, can protect the injury while still allowing you to maintain some level of physical fitness.

A couple of years ago was faced with a major injury that left me bedridden and with no mobility. After a major surgery, my range of motion was zero. After rigorous physical therapy sessions, I was able to get my strength to a level where I can do limited exercise.  

While most people love to walk for exercise, I can only go short distances at a time, due to strength issues.  I had been looking for ways to get exercise in without over exerting myself and have found a few great solutions I wanted to share with you. I know all situations are different, and I advise anyone with any injury, limited mobility or limited range of motion to always speak to their doctor before starting any exercise routines. 

Here are some ways that I am able to get some exercise without over exerting myself. 

Mini Eliptical

I love using my mini elliptical  to help get motion and movement while building strength in my knee.  I use it while sitting on my bed, couch and chair.  It’s perfect for using anytime. It’s especially handy when the weather is bad and I can’t get outdoors. 

I like that my Cubii mini elliptical is small and portable and can be taken anywhere I go.  I can even take it on vacation if I want. It’s a convenient piece of exercise equipment that also allows me to track my fitness with its accompanying app. This anpp allows me to set fitness goals for duration, distance or stride. It also tells me how many calories  I burn with each workout. I can track my progress daily, weekly or monthly. The app also has free fitness classes.

Silver and Fit

I love Silver and Fit. It’s a Facebook page that offers so many different levels and types of exercise classes for seniors and persons like me, who have limited mobility.  I especially love their beginner classes.  They are constantly adding new classes and have great resources on their website as well.  Over the past couple of years I’ve tried chair aerobics, Tai Chi and other low impact classes. There’s something for everyone.

Stationary Bike 

For a while I had difficulty getting onto a stationary bike, especially in the early days of my recovery.  I had to use a step ladder with a handle to help me.  My first few weeks I couldn’t pedal at all, so would rock the pedals back and forth.  As my strength began to increase, I was able to slowly start peddling for small amounts of time. I currently can do up to 30 minutes, which is a big accomplishment for me.


I am very careful on treadmills because they aren’t designed for everyone. I am able to use one at a very slow speed, while holding onto the bars.  I never allow myself to get intimidated by those around me who are running or walking at high speeds.  I do what works for me.


I love walking, and before my injury would walk for many miles every day. Unfortunately, I can’t do that now but hopefully someday soon again currently I am able to walk short distances at a slow pace preferably on flat surfaces. I still struggle with that when it comes to inclines and declines so I try to avoid them when I can. Fortunately, I have my husband who usually walks with me in case I come to any struggling areas he takes my hand and helps me and guides me where I need to go.

Stretch Bands

I love working out with stretch bands. They are one of the most important tools that I used to when I was going through physical therapy. They allowed me to increase my mobility, and they let me get workouts in while I am in a  lying position on my bed. I’m unable to do any kind of floor exercises or anything where I have to be on the floor or on knees because I do need a knee replacement eventually. 

It’s very difficult for me to get up from a low position so having stretch bands even right after surgery, allowed me to get some sort of range of motion in my legs and my knee. Another nice thing about stretch bands that they’re very affordable, and can be used by pretty much everybody. They are a great way to help increase range of motion.

I hope these low impact exercises that help me, can help you too.