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Enter the Magic Kingdom with Dixit Disney, an enchanting card game launching Fall 2023


Today, innovative board game publisher Libellud announced its first collaboration with Disney, the world’s premier entertainment company, with the introduction of Dixit Disney. This new, standalone game in the Dixit universe, is based on the beloved themes and characters found in Disney and Pixar films. 

Dixit Disney is a simple and lighthearted game of storytelling, interpretation, and guesswork. Players will be challenged and delighted as they reveal a series of cards featuring gorgeous Disney-themed images. Their connection: an enigmatic statement centered on one of the revealed cards. Find the correct image and score points. With 84 new cards based on iconic Disney & Pixar films, from Steamboat Willie to Turning Red, Dixit Disney will captivate players.  

The game’s enchanting artwork, by Illustrator Natalie Dombois, took two years from conception to completion. Creating the 84 cards (each based on one of 84 Disney and Pixar films) relied on a meticulous process, comprised of multiple stages, and involving contributions from the entire Libellud team – over 500 written proposals! The finished images pay tribute to Disney’ iconic themes, while staying true to the layered concepts in the Dixit universe.  

“We’re really excited about this collaboration,” says Libellud Head of Studio, Mathieu Aubert. “Dixit Disney brings together two beloved brands, who share values of creativity, inspiration and a commitment to quality. This partnership and the opportunity to create artwork from the Disney universe are a dream come true and we cannot wait to bring the game to fans across the globe.” 

An engaging way to spend time connecting with family and friends, Dixit Disney will launch first in the U.S. at Barnes and Noble as part of their “First to Market” program in fall 2023 for an MSRP of $39.99 USD.

Dixit Disney – Key Features and Components 

  • Magical game of imagery and storytelling, based on the world of Disney 
  • 84 new and beautifully illustrated cards by Natalie Dombois 
  • Compatible with past and future Dixit Universe games and expansions 
  • 6 Wooden, Disney-shaped meeples  
  • 6 Voting dials 
  • Game board 
  • Plastic tray 
  • Rulebook 
  • Played using the same rules as the base game and includes new material from the Dixit 3-to-8-player refresh 
  • Supports 3 – 6 players 
  • Designed for ages 8+ 
  • Duration of ~30 minutes 

Assets for Dixit Disney can be found here.

About the Dixit Universe
Dixit is an enchanting card game created by game designer, Jean-Louis Roubira. Featuring stunning, ethereal illustrations by artist Marie Cardouat, Dixit immerses players in a world of imagination and storytelling. With over a dozen awards, including the 2010 Spiel des Jahres, and the 2009 As d’Or, Dixit invites you to discover 84 dreamlike illustrations and share your interpretations with other players. Accessible and elegant, Dixit is a perfect game to play with family and friends as you explore your creativity get to know your loved ones from a whole new perspective. 

About Libellud
Part of the Asmodee Group, French board game publisher founded in 2008, Libellud has rapidly met with success, thanks to its first game, Dixit. Over the last decade, the Dixit franchise has become a must-have title, selling more than 12 million copies in 40 languages worldwide. Based in Poitiers, the company employs 19 people. Libellud enjoys developing original games based on imagination, sharing and dreams. With the Dixit, Loony Quest, Mysterium and Dice Forge series, the company explores new game horizons allowing us to reach both family and experienced players. Learn more at

About Asmodee
Asmodee, an Embracer company since March 2022, is an entertainment leader specialized in board games, committed to bringing people together through great games and amazing stories. Thanks to its global and passionate workforce of over 2,300 people, players around the world enjoy one of the largest board game IP catalog with CATAN, Ticket to Ride, Dobble/Spot it!, Exploding Kittens and 365 more across a variety of digital and physical platforms. Headquartered in France (Guyancourt), Asmodee operates across Europe, North America, South America and Asia. For