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A Different Narrative Around Healthy Habits and Body Image in the Household


If you keep falling off the wagon, it’s time to find a different mode of transportation!

Growing up as a South Asian teen in the 90s, Sonia Jhas felt immense pressure to look and act a certain way in order to exceed her family’s expectations. Insidious trends like “Heroin Chic” pushed her into dangerous levels of deprivation and exercise to the point where she says she would “whittle myself down to a size triple-zero to look like the ultra-thin models.”

Now as an award winning mindset and wellness expert, certified physical trainer, nutrition specialist, and author of the new book, I’ll Start Again Tomorrow (And Other Lies I’ve Told Myself), Sonia Jhas is breaking the cycle of unrealistic expectations and family pressures to have healthy discussions in the home around weight loss and mindset that sets children up for success. She was recently seen on Fox32 Chicago talking to viewers about “How to instill healthy eating habits in your children.”

Unpacking raw personal experiences with wit and charm, Sonia Jhas provides a refreshingly nuanced lens into a #hashtag world that has us chasing false metrics of success and the shortest path to momentary happiness. She reveals the profound truth that there is no “end destination” where happiness lives; instead, we must fall in love with the journey itself – and she shows us how. For those among us who are ready to completely transform themselves and finally break away from the on-again, off-again approach to ‘wellness,’ I’ll Start Again Tomorrow (And Other Lies I’ve Told Myself) [Page Two, January 2023, $17.95] is the key to unlocking your potential and discovering what self-fulfillment really means.

Sonia is both best-friend and sage, using tough love, piercing questions, and science-based tools to push us through an experience of reclaiming the driver’s seat of our own lives. Serving up inspiring personal stories, health facts, and hilarious anecdotes that will leave readers wondering, “How did she know that about me?” Sonia’s distinctive and memorable voice, tell-it-like it is attitude, and no-frills approach make this book different from others in the same genre. I’ll Start Again Tomorrow is built on actionable takeaways learned from lived experience as opposed to fluffy platitudes, and the result is an empowering motivation like nothing else. Sonia tells her readers, “it’s time to stop waiting for the good part to start.”

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Sonia Jhas gave up her skyrocketing corporate career and began searching for a new path that resonated with her core. Eventually, she transformed her life through deep analysis, education, determination,and willpower. Through her journey, Sonia uncovered a deep passion for wellness, as well as a driving desire to help others. 


Sonia has made it her mission to help people live their best lives through online talks, speaking engagements, television appearances, and coaching. She has accumulated an impressive 80+ million media impressions and continues to spread inspiration all over the globe including appearances on Breakfast Television, Global News, CHCH-TV and more. The TEDx speaker and award-winning mindset and wellness expert’s enthusiasm, sense of humor, and openness about her own journey have earned her a reputation as an unstoppable force in the wellness arena. 


Sonia is fired up by her mission to help people marry healthy living with a life lived well. Her special brand of inspiration involves tried-and-true techniques that crush negative self-talk so that you can make wellness changes that actually last. She lives in Toronto with her family.


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