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Bababoo and Friends Available Now at Barnes and Noble Stores


I’d like to introduce you to Bababoo and friends, an award-winning European company that has carefully created a world full of imagination through their unique combination of books, adorable fun-loving characters, and high-quality (and did I say beautiful) wooden toy line - all of which brings the world of Bababoo and friends to life. 

These products are wonderful quality and made from sustainable materials!

Bababoo and Friends®, which recently made its U.S. debut last holiday season, is NOW available at Barnes & Noble stores !

Bababoo and friends® offers a world of fun, loving and relatable characters complete with fully developed and unique backstories that promote diversity, inclusion and age-appropriate life lessons. Take Bababoo for instance, he loves to craft things out of wood and at times is a bit scared. Luckily he has lots of wonderful friends including Wilma, Yuki, Pippa, Lolo, and Miss Mali that all help him to feel he can do anything! Take a closer look at all of the characters here!

This entire line uses non-toxic paints and FSC-certified wood, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability! 

So what do you say, put down the screens :) and enjoy the world of Bababoo and friends? 

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Product Spotlight

Wonder Tree Shape Sorting Clock 

Bababoo and friends® is more than a beautifully crafted wooden toy line from Europe, it opens the door to an entirely new play concept: merging the power of storytelling with traditional playtime! While playing hide and seek on the flower meadow, Bababoo and Pippa come across a wondrous tree that effortlessly teaches you how to solve a mess of numbers correctly. The unique Bababoo and friends® Wonder Tree Shape Sorting Clock teaches children much more than just reading the time. 

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Ages 18+ Months | MSRP: $32.99 | Available at