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Fishing Brings Families Together


Photo by Olof Nyman

Some of my favorite memories from my youth, are times I spent with my family at the shore.  Every year, I looked forward to our annual two week trip. 

One of the activities that I most looked forward to, was fishing.  There was always something special about fishing.  I remember going to the fishing store  to pick out our bait, and walking down to the bay with my siblings, and standing on the shore line for hours, trying to catch the big one. 

We often would snag up something unusual, like an eel or stingray.  I once even caught a snapping turtle.  Thank goodness there were adults around to help. I laugh and smile when I think of all of the good times we had.

When I became a mom, one of the things that was important to me, was sharing some of my favorite activities with my son.  One day I decided to take him fishing at our local brook.  I took him to pick out a child fishing rod, some worms, a net and a bucket.  We sat on the brook shoreline and I told him stories about all the different fishing adventures I’d had when I was his age, and about how excited I was when I caught my first fish.  Just then, his line started to tug and a big smile and look of excitement came over his face.  He started to panic a little, worrying his catch would get away.  I showed him how to reel the fish in and scoop it up in his net.  It was pure joy for him. I realized that this was a memorable moment he would always cherish, as would I. After that time, he would ask me to take him fishing often, and even brought friends along.

My son is an adult now. He still loves to fish.  He even goes on ocean fishing trips with his friends from time to time. I’m so happy I gave him such a relaxing and fulfilling hobby to enjoy.

Fishing is a nice time for families to spend together.  It allows you to share quality time together, have meaningful conversations, and relax. 

I encourage you to take a day and go fishing with your family this Spring or Summer, and create special memories as you bond with your family.