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Spring Get Togethers Just Got Better with Schofferhofer Happy Packs

Look what the Easter bunny brought me!

There’s something magical about springtime. From the first blooming daffodils to the birds chirping. Happiness is in the air. 

I love a nice crisp drink to sip on during get togethers with my family and friends in the warm days of Spring and Summer. I also prefer the slim cans. 

Celebrate Spring with a Schofferhofer Happy Pack - made up of their most popular real German hefeweizen beers; Schofferhofer Grapefruit, Passion Fruit, Pomegranate, and our exclusive Wild Cherry. There’s also a new Juicy Pineapple flavor!

Make an adult Easter basket with some of your favorites!

These are all so delicious and refreshing.  I especially like the Pomegranate. I look forward to trying the pineapple, as that is usually my go to flavor.  These beverages are perfect for any occasion or celebration.

I plan on picking up some Happy Packs for our summer vacations at the  shore with my brothers and sister and their families.  Each Happy Pack comes with 4 delicious flavors (3 slim cans of each). Featuring the flavors shown above.

Also available in bottles!

Easy to enjoy as the days grow longer & warmer with a lower 2.5% ABV, in slim, portable 11.2 oz cans.