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Wonderful Passover Recipes Featuring Pereg Natural Foods Spices


I love exploring different foods and customs from all around the world. I also enjoy the different and unique flavors and have come to love so many new foods.

Pereg Gourmet Natural Foods has many wonderful spice blends, including Passover blends that will make your meals so delicious and flavorful. 

I received a wonderful assortment of Passover spice blends and can not wait to try out some new recipes.

The assortment of spices sent to me feature a variety of the Kosher for Passover spices; shawarma, dill, basil, spearmint, cinnamon sticks, plus their signature za'atar spice mix recreated for Passover (made without chickpea flour & sesame seeds.) See link below of the recipes you can try with these spices.

I was especially excited to see the Shawarma and Za’atar spices which I’ve come to love through some Middle Eastern dishes I’ve tried over the years. These are great for chicken, vegetables and rice. They are also nice for making dips.

If you love, exploring new and delicious flavors and recipes, I have some recipes here for you to explore and be sure to visit Pereg Gourmet Natural Foods for for all of your different spice blends!

The full Passover range is stocked at kosher grocery stores nationwide and directly at

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