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4 Ways to Be a Better Parent


Photo by Caleb Oquendo

Everyone with a child wants to be a better parent. Did I yell too much today? Did I engage with them enough? Are they going to bed happy? Could I do more? These questions circle the mind of every parent out there, and it’s all a part of the journey. There are many ways to become a better parent, and here are four suggestions to make it happen faster. 

Focus on Nurture Above All Else

There will come a time in your parenting journey - or maybe it’s already happened - when a potential conflict appears. Whether it is a difference of opinion or a child who doesn’t want to listen, conflict is hard. It may go against all of your instincts, but nurturing the child as opposed to creating barriers to resolution is always the superior parenting model. It will help your relationship and reaffirm the notion that this is a safe space where problems can be resolved in a non-judgmental way. 

Invest In Professional Parenting Coaching

Professional input is suitable for any parent out there who is facing a challenge in their family dynamic. Do you have a teen who insists on reckless and defiant behaviour? Or is your toddler struggling with separation or sleep? There are alsorts of reasons why a parenting coach service like The People Practice Group is a suitable option to explore. Parent coaching is not patronizing, it is holistic and engaging and a good parent coach will focus on solutions rather than criticism. 

Learn How to Self-Regulate

It is discussed over and over again because it is the truth. If you don’t know or practice self-regulation, your child will struggle to learn it too. Self-regulation is about keeping your emotions in check and channeling healthy expression over outbursts and negative impulse reactions. Learning how to do this is hard, and there is never a 100% success rate. However, mindfulness and mindset growth are two channels for finding out where your boundaries are and how to keep them

Connect and Validate

One of the most effective ways to become a better parent, or the kind of parent your child really needs, is to ensure that there is plenty of time for connection and validation. What do these two things look like within the family framework? Firstly, connection is wholly centred around taking the time to sit down with your child and get to know who they are outside of your expectations and ideal image. There is a very good chance that the person you thought they were going to be is completely different from the one they are, and it will help add authenticity to your relationship if you connect with reality over fantasy. 

Secondly, validation is something that all humans seek. You have to create the space for your children to not rely on external validation, by ensuring that their needs are met and therefore boost their resilience and autonomy. 

Parenting is never a walk in the park. You never know what personality your child is going to grow into, and a good parent always accepts what’s in front of them and finds ways to make it work.


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