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Give Her a Useful Gift with Positive Affirmation Reminder from Vidl


A message on a vīdl water bottle is a daily reminder to moms that they are Vital essential, important, and treasured 


St. Lous, MO: The creators behind the vīdl water bottle wanted to find a way to leave this world a better place for their children and a mission to model gratitude, openness, and kindness in their own lives.  Knowing water is a vital function of life, these three dads developed a water bottle with a message in mind, “You Are Vital!—a  message designed to reconnect people and start a movement of encouraging communities to live a vīdl life - a life of moments, conversations, and impact.

In addition, a portion of every sale goes to support Thirsty Child, a  non-profit with a mission of providing clean, safe drinking water to families and reminding them they are vital too.

Thoughtfully designed, emphasizing personalization, the vīdl water bottle raises up an everyday product by adding a message of your choice to a top-of-the-line product for daily use. 

I received a Vidl water bottle for review and it’s so nicely made with great quality and design. 

Check out my review video.  Click link or scan QR code.

Key Design Elements Include:

·      Storage base to hold a special message or anything that may be vital to you

·      4 different bottle colors

·      14 interchangeable storage base colors

·      56 possible color combinations

·      3 lid types with easy-to-grip ergonomic handles

·      Unique personalization (up to 30 characters)

·      24 vital messages or inspirational verses to choose from 


“Sure, the world might not need another water bottle, but the world certainly needs some positivity and to celebrate others who are vital—vital to you, to society, and to the world,” says vīdl CEO, Rick Fessler.  “When we lead a vīdl life, we believe the world will be better.  vīdl was created with this in mind while ensuring we maintained a best-in-class product that stands up, if not excels, in this category.”

To purchase vīdl bottles and learn more visit For every 50 bottles sold, a family is provided clean and safe drinking water through the Thirsty Child partnership. Each purchase impacts multiple lives. 

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“You’re Vital! Be Vital”