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Redesigning Your Office Space: What Not to Do



Tasked with redesigning any type of workspace, be that a traditional office area or else a more modern, open-plan room, is as challenging as it can be rewarding,

Here, to help you gather your thoughts and bring together your ideas and slices of inspiration, are some of the most common mistakes made during an office redesign. 


Neglecting to Consider Storage Space


First and foremost, even if you have the most beautiful blueprints of new office space, with plenty of room for relaxing, as well as plans to maximize efficiency with computers and related accessories in every corner, you have toconsider your storage needs.

Often, office managers and workers alike, once they have fully absorbed the magnitude of the changes in their working space, realize that there is simply insufficient space for everyday items they need.


Bulk Buying Cheaper Furniture


Thankfully, the level of damage which can be done when sitting on the same, hard-backed, and inflexible chair day in, and day out to a person’s back is now widely recognized, and now, most offices supply ergonomic alternatives for their workers.

However, many people still make the same mistake of buying cheaper and lower-quality items of furniture to keep their outgoings on the more reasonable side but, as the old saying goes, ‘buy cheap and buy twice’.

Take a look at the extensive and impressive trade purchase options available from reputable and established interior designers at Ligne Roset Bromley and consider the importance of aesthetic impact, as well as comfort and flexibility, in an office environment. It could make all the difference in the longer term.


An Unawareness of Interior Design 


Another huge mistake that people make when redesigning both commercial spaces, such as offices and interior living spaces within their own homes, is to not give a thought to the basic principles of interior design

Even in terms of having an awareness of which colors and more specifically, shades of colors go together can help to create both a beautiful and functional office space. 

The following are the fundamental principles of interior design - one or two of which may interest you:

• Sustainable building design 
• History of the built environment
• Color application & theory
• Business practices & interior design limitations
• Rendering & perspective
• Applications & materials


Insufficient Lighting 


Both in terms of the types of lighting in the new office space and indeed, the actual fixtures and fittings themselves, lighting plays a hugely integral role in a working environment conducive to productivity and efficiency. 

Poor lighting, especially in an office setting, can cause and worsen a host of health issues such as eye strain, migraines,and tension headaches and, therefore, it would be entirely accurate to state that insufficient lighting negatively affects the amount of work completed. 

Your aim when it comes to office lighting should, therefore, be to incorporate a mix of carefully placed artificial lighting with sources of natural light, whilst simultaneously ensuring full adherence to the legal guidelines regarding emergency lighting.


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