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Smart Spring Cleaning Tips

Photo by Liliana Drew

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With Spring officially here, it is time for my annual deep cleaning.  Here are a couple of tips that help keep my home looking it’s best.

Declutter and Clean Cabinets and Drawers

One thing that is important is that I wipe my inside cabinets and drawers down, inside and out. 

I usually like to pull out all of the cups,  dishes and utensils that I haven’t used much and give them a wash in my dishwasher.  I’m really picky when it comes to dishwashing detergents and my favorite has always been Cascade Platinum Plus

I was excited to hear that Cascade Platinum Plus was recently voted one of the Products of the Year winners for 2023. I can totally understand why they won.  They get my dishes and tableware so nicely cleaned and spot free. They’re  available in different quantity sizes, but my favorite is the 62 action packs size. It’s reasonably priced, and comes in an airtight container that fits nicely under my sink.


I like to clear out the pantry, wipe it down and throw away expired items.  I go through and donate any items that are close to expiring or that I won’t be using, and place them in my donation bag for the local food pantry.

Once my kitchen cabinets, drawers and pantry are sorted out and reorganized, I like to give my handles and surfaces a spray with disinfectant spray, to help get rid of germs and viruses. 

Johnson and Johnson has a new Family Guard Brand disinfectant spray that is safe for use on over 100 surfaces where family and pets live and play.  It’s also great for preventing mold and mildew. It has a clean, fresh scent. It was voted one of the Products of the Year. You can learn more about it below .

Learn More about Products of the Year

It’s time for my spring cleaning and I can always count on some of America’s favorite cleaning products according to a recent survey 40,000 shoppers: FamilyGuard® Brand Disinfectants and Cascade Platinum Plus, both voted Product of the Year winners for 2023.


FamilyGuard Brand Fresh Disinfectant with seal (all varities).png

FamilyGuard® Brand Disinfectants ($4.39):  A 2023 Product of the Year winner, FamilyGuard® Brand Disinfectants eliminates the tradeoff between safety and efficacy. The brand’s formulas provide uncompromised protection for your loved ones by disinfecting the surfaces your family touches most, even where kids and pets play. FamilyGuard® kills 99.9% of germs*, including the virus that may cause Covid-19. *Use as directed. See label for details.


Cascade Platinum Plus with seal.png

Cascade Platinum Plus ($19.94): New CascadePlatinum Plus is the brand’s BEST-EVER clean. These new pods are bigger and better, packed with more scrubbing and grease fighting power. You can skip the sink and finally trust the dishwasher to wash the dishes – this means no more prewashing! This 2023 Product of the Year award-winning, super-packed dishwasher detergent pod has a new, powerful combination of cleaning ingredients that rehydrate and scrub tough, dried-on food while leaving you with spot-free, cabinet-ready dishes.


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