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These Fun Money Games Help Teach Money Counting and Saving

It’s never to early to teach children the importance of money and how to count it, count change, and understand why saving is crucial to a stress free financial future.

One of my favorite websites about money is Mortgage Calculator.  There are a lot of great resources on the site. As I’ve spent more time on the site, I’ve realized that there are also some great money games on this 
 site. These games  are fun to play and teach kids and adults about money.

A couple of my favorite games include:

Grocery Cashier

This one is super fun. You get customers who buy items and you have to ring up the items and calculate the total, receive payment, figure out the change, and give them the correct bills and coins. This is a great way to learn how to count money and give change.  This is an important life lesson, as we all have to pay for items in stores and in services. Knowing how to give and receive the proper coins and bills will ensure that we are handling our money properly and responsibly. 

Cash Back

This game teaches how to figure out the proper cash back to give to paying customers.  The game gives you the price of the products. The amount tendered, and the amount due.  It then shows different bills and coins, and you have to choose the proper bills and coins to give back to the customer. 

All games have different difficulty levels, so that you can slowly progress.

It’s important to teach children about saving money at a young age for various reasons.  It can help them develop good financial habits early in life.  It can also help them learn to put some of their earnings aside for the future.  This can lead to financial responsibility in their future which can lead to being able to manage their money as adults.

Another key reason for teaching children to save money to young age is because it helps them to develop patience, and she says them about delayed gratification to start to learn the value of waiting for some thing that they can afford right now, and will teach them to save even more. This can help them to not become impulse buyers and future.

When children learn to understand the value of money, and how hard they work to earn it, they will learn to save more. I learn how important it is for them to have a financially stable future. Also learn to become more responsible and value the money that they have. 

Teach your children to set money, saving goals, and then teach them that they could be rewarded for those goals.  A good example would be if they would like a particular toy. You can teach them to save for that, and when they have reached a goal to purchase that toy or item, you can take them shopping and talk to them about how they feel that they were able to purchase it for themselves by earning their own money, and having the patience to save for it. 

Teaching children to save money, is probably one of the most important life skills that you can teach them. Having applications and games like the ones found on website, are a great ways to begin teaching children at a young age.