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Women’s Activewear Suitable for Hot Yoga


Hot Yoga is so popular in my area and I’ve been looking for some yoga sets that are comfortable and durable to use during classes.

Cosmolle has some beautiful yoga pieces that have a buttery soft performance fabric that has a unique texture with moisture wicking.  Another thing I love about their yoga pants is that they have a nice stretchy fabric that helps keep me dry and comfortable during workouts, so that I can enjoy my yoga sessions while I exercise.

Some of the other products that are available from Cosmolle, are their long sleeve legging sets.  These fashionable yoga sets are nice because they have a high waist that stays in place while working out. Their comfortable fabric is eco-friendly with recycled nylon that hugs my body like a second skin. They  have no front seam  and are anti-cameltoe. Another added bonus is the ruched seam for a natural butt lifting effect. 

The long sleeve yoga top is super comfortable and stretchy.  It has a beautiful classic scoop neckline style that is perfect for mixing and matching with all of the pieces in their activewear line and other clothing. It’s even cute to wear with jeans.  The sleeves have thumbholes, which is one of my favorite features, to help keep them in place.  

Cosmolle’s activewear  has a light-impact design to help offer support during workouts. This helps me to get the most out of my yoga sessions without discomfort or interference.  This is what I love about the Cosmolle brand. They never compromise on comfort.


Cosmolle is more than a brand or product. Cosmolle is where we as women prioritize.

Our needs and feelings; Cosmolle is where we can thrive together by supporting each other's self-discovery journey; Cosmolle is where we can unapologetically be our authentic selves.

We celebrate people of all different shapes, sizes, colors, lifestyle, and age. We're committed to a culture of inclusivity and diversity and to never stop progressing.

Sustainability is a key component of our brand. We believe that by creating durable and quality products, you'll need less of them - saving the environment and your wallet.