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Gourmet Gifts for Dad


The fast-growing gourmet food giant has just released its latest batch of Father's Day delights that should appeal to Pops of all ages. Go here to see 2023's complete selection of 70+ Gifts For Dads

Here are some of the top selections;

New for 2023! Bacon and Chocolate Bundt Cakes, $39.99, SKU 2004

I received these delicious Bundt cakes to review and they are so delicious. They are individually wrapped, and are moist and flavorful and I just love them. They’re  perfect with morning coffee or tea, and great as a little snack or even a dessert. They make a perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth who loves to have a little cake and loves their bacon too.  The bacon flavor is not overwhelming. It adds a nice balance to the cakes.

Father's Day Sweet and Savory Meat and Cheese, $9.99, SKU 4378F

Baked Goods and Tea for Da
d, $99.99, SKU 6673F

Bloody Mary Bar, $99.99, SKU 6031


  1. Thank you for all these great ideas

  2. OMG this "Bacon and Chocolate Bundt Cakes" look and sound so mouthwatering. I just may have to order myself a present!

  3. i can't think of any dads who would not appreciate gourmet food.


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