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Bad Weather Prep: 6 Steps to Creating A Safe Space in Your Home or Office


As extreme weather events become more frequent and hurricane season quickly approachesServiceMaster Restore has meticulously compiled the most effective strategies for your audience to create a safe space or shelter in their home or office. 

1. Choose An Appropriate Location: Select a room or area in your home or office that is sturdy and away from windows. It should be on the ground floor or in the basement to minimize the risk of injury. 
2. Reinforce The Space: Reinforce the walls and ceiling of the safe area with materials such as plywood or steel and strengthen entry doors with deadbolts to prevent being compromised by strong winds.
3. Clear The Space: Remove any objects or furniture that could become hazardous during bad weather and keep the area clutter-free to provide enough room for everyone. 
4. Maintain the Right Supplies: Install a weather radio or use a reliable app to stay informed about outside conditions. Aside from essential emergency supplies, stock food, batteries, and other perishable items. 
5. Practice Drills: Develop an emergency plan and regularly conduct exercises to practice seeking shelter in your designated safe space. 
6. Keep Important Documents: Be sure to have identification, insurance policies, and financial records in a waterproof, portable container. 

I hope these tips will help  you in case of an emergency.