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Finding Balance in a Busy Life


The modern world is very busy and can be stressful. Most of us struggle to find a work-life balance that works, and juggling all of our responsibilities can be difficult. But finding a good balance helps to protect your mental health and reduce stress. It also means that you can fully commit yourself to things when you need to and that you can enjoy life. Here are some tips to help you find that all-important balance. 

Make Time for Yourself

Typically, our balance is about fitting everything in. We need to make time for work, our family, chores and errands and other responsibilities. So, we fit it all in, and think the fact that we can, means that we have balance. 

Time for yourself, however, stops that balance from causingstress or unhappiness. Finding time for yourself is crucial. You should do it even if you have to schedule it for your week. Even 10 minutes to read a book or chat with a friend can improve your mood and well-being

Prioritise Nutrition

Proper nutrition is so important, and a balance here is key. Treats in moderation are as important to our happiness as healthy food is to our bodies. A functional nutritionist can help you to make the right choices, tailoring their advice to your lifestyle. 

Sleep and Rest

When we’re busy, the idea of taking time out to rest or getmore sleep can feel counterproductive. But sleep doesn’t just keep you healthy and protect your mental health. It also means that you are more energetic and focused and can get more done in less time when you are awake. 

Get Help

A balanced lifestyle has so many elements, and it can be hard to achieve. A functional medicine practitioner from Urban Wellness can help with physical and mental problems, making sure your body and mind are balanced and healthy. A tailored and holistic approach to function medicine is key, as we’re all different, so make sure you look for an expert in functional medicine UK or search for a practitioner of functional medicine near me for the best advice. 


If you find something you love, exercise gives you time for yourself while helping boost your mental health and keeping you fit and strong. A balanced lifestyle needs regular and enjoyable exercise. 

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that this means you need to force yourself into a gym that you hate. Any movement counts, so if you prefer dance classes, hiking, ice skating or skateboarding, that’s fine. 

Spend Time with People You Love

When we’re busy, we have to learn to prioritise. Your free time is limited and so essential. Make sure you are spending it doing things that you love, or need, with people that you love. Don’t waste your time on people that make you feel bad. 

Balance is key to all aspects of life. Balance allows us to prioritise health, fitness and happiness without missing out on all the things we love or giving up the things we enjoy. It can be hard to find when busy, but it’s not impossible.